Thomas' Adventures of The Swan Princess and the Secret of the Castle is another upcoming Thomas & Friends/Richard Rich Crossover film to be created by 76859Thomas and TheAngryPepe. It is the sequel to Thomas the Tank Engine Meets the Swan Princess, Tino Tonitini Meets The Swan Princess and Sora's Adventures of The Swan Princess. It will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


Thomas, Sora and their friends have gone back to Swan Lake to check on Odette and Derek. Here, they discover that their old enemy, Rothbart had a partner named Clavius (whom The Rough Gang, Broccoli Alien Overload, The Dazzlings, Kurumi Tokisaki, Naga, Mother Gothel, King Candy/Turbo, Prince Hans, Duke Duralumon, Baron Nylon, Mojo Jojo, HIM, Princess Morbucks, Fuzzy Lumpkins, The Amoeba Boys, The Gangreen Gang, Sedusa, Master Xehanort, Vanitas, Xemnas, Winterbolt, Constantine, Dominic Badguy, Judge Doom, The Toon Patrol, Nora Dershilt, Dr. Facilier, Myotismon, Hades, The Beagle Boys, Chelsea Barnes, Prince John and Sir Hiss work for). He has kidnapped Queen Uberta. Together along with Jean-Bob, Speed, and Puffin, they must travel the land to save Queen Uberta and defeat the villains.