Thomas' Battle of the Lunar League

Thomas' Battle of the Lunar League

Thomas' Battle of the Lunar League is a new movie. 


Thomas, Ryan, Crash and their friends go to the moon to watch the Lunar League battle. But then, the evil Doctor Blood shows up and, to make matters worse, he reveals to Bolts and Percy that he created them. Also, Blip discovers that he has special powers and an upgraded version of himself and Thomas discovers that he and Blip somehow have a lot in common and a link to each other's thoughts via their hearts. Now it's up to Ryan, Thomas, Blip and the gang to stop Doctor Blood and change Percy and Bolts back to normal before Doctor Blood takes over the moon.


Arrival on the Moon

Thomas rushes excitedly into the Autobot Base, knocking Sideswipe over in the process. Optimus laughs and Sci-Ryan draws the letter "X" on a card with Thomas' picture on it. Bumblebee asks Thomas why he is so excited and in a rush. While Thomas is talking, Ryan noticed Sideswipe is injured and sings his version of the Healing Incantation to heal him. Thomas excitedly explains that the Lunar League is happening on the moon and he has longed to be there. Ryan says , in the royal Canterlot voice, that they could go to the moon by a rocket but Thomas reminds him that they have a Groundbridge. Ryan says he knew that and asks Ratchet to open the Groundbridge to the moon. He does so and Ryan picked Princess Odette to be his partner in the battle. Thomas asks Sari and Twilight which team they'd rather be on, the Galaxy All Stars or the Thunderbolts. Evil Ryan picks his girlfriend Agalope to help Ryan and Princess Odette. Sari says she'd be on the Thunderbolts' team. Evil Ryan don't know what team he's going to pick. Thomas suggests that he should pick the Galaxy All Stars. Sci-Ryan picked Prince Derek to be Rianna's partner on the adventure. Thomas says


  • will work for



  • What Have I Done (Sung by Thomas and Blip)
  • ACADECA (sung by the Galaxy All Stars and the Thunderbolts)
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy (sung by Ryvine and Rothbart)

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