Thomas' Emoticlones are 5 clones of Thomas each representing a different part of his personality.


Thomas' Emoticlones are created when Thomas is with Ryan who accidentally zaps him and the five clones appear. The angry Thomas, now called Anger, is Thomas' rage, the sassy one, now called Passion, is Thomas' passion, the timid one, now called Timidity, is Thomas' timidity, the Lazy one, now called Lazy, is Thomas' lazyness and the happy one, now called Joy, is Thomas' happiness. The five clones each say what's on their minds to Ryan like when Anger says: "I told you not mess around with that thing!" Ryan nods and wonders what did he do to Thomas. Thomas repeatedly struggled to keep his Emoticlones under control as the engines of Sodor keep mistaking them for him switching paint jobs. First, Gordon mistook Anger for Thomas because he was roughly shunting the Troublesome Trucks about, then James saw that Anger was red like him, and Percy thought he was Geoffrey, from 'Who's Geoffrey'. But then Anger got mad and as he screamed in fury, flames shot out of his funnel. Then Joy got mistook for Thomas by Salty, Porter and Cranky. Lazy is laying on the job when Gordon told him to hurry up. Then Toby saw Passion flirting with Emily and became puzzled. Then, up at the Clay Pits, Bill and Ben scared Timidity mistaking him for Thomas. Later, the emoticlones were causing confusion and delay. Anger was angrily claiming to Sir Topham Hatt that he was the baddest railway owner ever. Joy is too fast for the Golden King and he tried to grab the train but touches Ryan and turns him to gold. But when the 5 clones show up, Thomas confesses what happened to Sir Topham Hatt. Then, Percy, Gordon, James, Toby, Bill and Ben apologize to Thomas and agree to help him control the clones. The engines hunt the clones down and round them up.


  • The clones are exactly like Thomas, except with different paint jobs; yellow for joy, red for anger, purple for timidity, pink for passion, and grey for lazy, respectively.
  • They are inspired by the Emotions of Riley Andersen and her parents from Inside Out.
  • Thomas sometimes has trouble keeping his emoticlones under control.
  • Ryan will keep Thomas' emoticlones under control.
  • The episode is loosely based on the Sofia the First episode 'Sofia the Second'.
  • They will appear in Transformersprimefan and Shrekyardigans' new film: "The Emoticlone Huntdown".
  • They will help Thomas, Ryan, Crash

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