Thomas' Goblin Forest Adventure is another upcoming short film to be created by 76859Thomas. It will be a prequel to Thomas' Adventures of The Princess and the Goblin and it will appear on Google Drive as a double feature with it.


Thomas had just delivered his goods train to a station on the Mainland. but can't find his way back to Sodor at during the dark the night sky is. He soon spotted an old track that lead into a sinister forest thinking it might be a way back to Vicarstown bridge. But as Thomas was puffing through the forest straight things started to happened. Some scary creatures appeared all of a sudden and chased him through the forest until Thomas derailed on a broken piece of track and stuck in the mud. The creatures gathered around poor frighten Thomas but a strange singing suddenly sounds through the trees, driving them into a fit, and they flee. The singing is revealed to be a young boy, Curdie, the son of a miner (along with Mickey Mouse and Pluto). While Mickey finds a near by telephone to call Sodor, Curdie keeps Thomas company and tells him that monsters were goblins and their "pets", and that they are driven away by singing. Soon the rescue party have arrived and Rocky lifted Thomas back onto the rails. Thomas thank Curdie and Mickey and promise to see them on their next adventure.


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