Thomas' Hiccups is an episode created by Transformersprimefan. 


Thomas the tank engine gets hiccups after Bumblebee scares him. His friends try verious hiccup-removing tricks but the hiccups won't go away. After Pinkie Pie comes up with the idea to surprise Thomas, the plan goes as predicted and Thomas' hiccups vanish.


Thomas Gets the Hiccups

Thomas the tank engine is shunting trucks in the Cybertron shunting yards, but he doesn't notice Bumblebee hiding behind some. After Thomas shunts trucks near where Bumblebee is, Bumblebee jumps out and scares Thomas. Thomas then starts hiccuping and can't make them stop. Bumblebee suggests that they visit Ratchet for advice on how to cure hiccups and Thomas agrees, and hiccups again!

Ratchet's Suggestion

On the Nemesis, Ratchet explains that he knows the perfect way to cure hiccups and says Thomas needs to hold his breathe while everyone counts to ten. Thomas takes a deep breathe and everyone starts counting. But Thomas hiccups just before everyone gets to ten. Ratchet is disappointed that his idea didn't work. Knock Out then says that knows a better way to cure hiccups.

Knock Out's Suggestion

Knock Out says that the best way to cure hiccups is to drink water very slowly. But Thomas drinks it quickly and his hiccups get worst.

Wheeljack's Suggestion

Wheeljack suggests that spinning is the best way to cure hiccups. Thomas spins around in circles and he thinks it's worked, but his hiccups come back and he hiccups again!

Pinkie Pie's Suggestion

Pinkie Pie then comes up with the idea to surprise Thomas' hiccups away. A moment, Thomas is at the shunting yards and still hiccuping. He doesn't notice the others as they hide behind some nearby trucks. Just as Thomas comes where they are, The others jump out and surprise him. Thomas falls back and Rainbow Dash asks him if his hiccups are gone. Thomas gets up and notices that his hiccups are gone. Everyone celebrates by doing ["The EG Stomp"] and Thomas is now happy that his hiccups are gone. Twilight kisses him on the cheek.


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