Thomas' Monsterific Halloween is a new Halloween movie


Thunderblast discovers Mutant Pumpkins and causes trouble on Halloween. Can our heroes stop her?


Thunderblast meets the Mutant Pumpkins

On Halloween a UFO dumps green goo all over a patch of pumpkins and shoots off into the sky again. Thunderblast, a Decepticon Siren, comes and watches as the pumpkins around her coming to life, sprouting arms, legs, eyes and mouths. Thunderblast takes the pumpkins under her wing and together, they tie up the patch owner, Farmer Jeb.

Dressing Up/Scare Impressions

At the Autobot base, Twilight and her friends are getting ready for "Nightmare Night" or "Halloween" (whichever). Twilight is dressed as Star Swirl the Bearded, Applejack is dressed like a Scarecrow, Pinkie Pie is dressed as a chicken, Rarity dressed up like a fairy princess, Rainbow Dash dressed up as a Shadowbolt, Fluttershy dressed as Flutterbat, Bumblebee dressed up like a superhero and Wheeljack dressed as a Decepticon. Ryan got an idea and dressed up as King Sombra and Thomas dressed up as a skeleton. Bee talks to Sonata and says that Halloween is his favorite holiday and that he will try to prank Sideswipe this year. Thomas says that the best thing about Halloween is scaring people. Ryan then adds "the Sweets." and Rainbow adds "the Pranks.". Bee says that Halloween is an exciting night for pranks.

The Monsterificator

Meanwhile, Nightmare Moon is waiting for a way to get b


  • will be good guest stars in this film.
  • Ryvine Sparkle, Twivine Sparkle, Romeo, Jay(MRR) and Cyrille Le Paradox will work for Thunderblast.


  • This is Nightmare Night
  • Everything is Awesome
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Wolf-I-Fied
  • Friendship Burns Bright
  • Under Our Spell


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