This is how Thomas and the Ponies Branchline song goes in The Space Racers' Adventures of Thomas and Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.

Thomas: We're doing a great job, aren't we guys?

Applejack: We sure are, Thommy.

Rainbow Dash: If we weren't working as a team, we would never get the job done.

Thomas: Exactly.

[Twilight Sparkle]
We're working together at Arlesdale
We're on a Pirate adventure
We're building a brand new branchline
[The Ponies and Thomas]
We can do it all together
Twilight explores with her best friend Spike
With Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie too
[Twilight Sparkle]
And my big brother Shining and Uni-Kitty
Yeah, we couldn't do it without you
[The Ponies and Thomas]
Yeah, we couldn't do it without you
Thomas: Sing with us!
[The Ponies and Thomas]
We're working together at Arlesdale
We're on a Pirate adventure
We're building a brand new branchline
And we have to work together (x3)

[Uni-Kitty falls into a cavern]

Thomas: Oh, no!

Twilight Sparkle: Uni-Kitty!

Rainbow Dash: She fell in a hole!

Applejack: What in tarnation?!

Pinkie Pie: Oh, no, no, no, no. Not good, not good, not good.

Fluttershy: Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness!

Rarity: Poor little Uni-kitten!

[the ponies and Thomas peek into the hole]

Rainbow Dash: Is she down there?

Pinkie: Can you see her?

Thomas: [shines his light into the cavern] I don't know! It's really dark down there!

Percy: What's going on?

James: Is everything alright?

Rainbow Dash: No! Uni-Kitty fell into this cavern!

Twilight: And Thomas can't see her with his single light. We need your help, guys.

Rarity: Right.

Pinkie: Okay!

Percy: We're on it!

James: I'm with you!

[The engines shine their lights into the cavern]

Fluttershy: This place is creepy.

Toby: Fluttershy, don't be scared.

[Suddenly, Thomas hears Uni-Kitty's voice]

Uni-Kitty: Help!

Twilight: It's Uni-kitty, Let's go!

Emily: Look!

[Everyone sees Uni-Kitty with her tail trapped under some rocks]

Uni-Kitty: Save me, Help!

Thomas: Hang on, Uni-Kitty! All your friends are here to help you!

Twilight: But how are we going to remove those rocks from her tail?

Thomas: Hmm... Looks like we're going to need Dinotrux for this job.

Applejack: Dinotrux, right Thomas, let's go!

Thomas: The rest of you stay here with Uni-Kitty!

Rarity: Got it!

[Up on the surface, Ty Rocks and Skya are working together]

Thomas: [whistles] Ty Rocks! Skya! Thank goodness we found you!

Ty Rocks: Yeah, I'm busy.

Skyla: Me too.

Thomas: But this is an emergency!

Applejack: Uni-Kitty is darn stuck in a cavern. Her tail is trapped under some dang old rocks.

Ty Rocks: Oh right let's go!

Skya: Count me in!

Dozer: On mah way!

[Back in the cavern, the other engines and the ponies are getting worried]

Rarity: Oh, I hope Applejack and Thomas get back soon.

James: Yeah. I don't know how much longer we can stay here.

Percy: Yes. One false move and those rocks above us could fall.

Uni-Kitty: Oh, I'm scared!

James: Don't be scared, you're gonna be okay!

[Suddenly, there is a loud whistle]

James: It's Thomas!

[Thomas and Applejack appear with Ty, Skya, Dozer and Ton-Ton on their tails]

Applejack: Hang on, we're coming!

[They stop next to the other steamies and ponies]

Thomas: We need some way to remove those rocks. Skya, can you hold up the rocks long enough for Uni-Kitty to run over to us?

Skya: Got it!

[Skya drives over to Uni-Kitty]

Percy: Be careful, Skya. One false move and those rocks above us fall.

Ty Rocks: We're getting closer.

[Skya get close enough to Uni-Kitty]

Skya: Don't be afraid, I'm gonna get you out of here.

Uni-kitty: Thanks, I knew you'd come!

[Skya starts lifting the rocks]

Ty: Careful, Skya.

Applejack: Easy.

[Suddenly, the rocks above start to move]

Thomas: [gasps] Skya, hurry!

[Skyla removes the final rock]

Skyla: There! You're free! Now go!

Uni-kitty: Thanks, Okay!

[Uni-Kitty runs over to the others. Skyla hot on her tail]

Thomas: Alright, everyone, let's go. Those rocks are about to collapse.

Percy: Let's go!

[Everyone makes it out just before the rocks collapse]

Twilight: That was too close.

Thomas: Come on! Let's finish this branchline.

Fluttershy: Okay then.

Ty: Let's trux it up!

Skyla: Right with you!

Dozer: Doceratops comin' through!

Pinkie: Don't start the party without me!

Rainbow Dash: This won't be awesome if you guys do it yourselves.

Dozer: Yeah, you wouldn't!

Ton-Ton: Always at the ready, dudes.

Applejack: Right then.

Rarity: You can't have construction without fashion.

Percy: Yep, a simple is a simple.

James: Let's get building!

Toby: Okay then!

[Soon everyone is working together to build the new branchline]

James: Make sure we're doing good!

Twilight: Got it! How's laying out the rails and sleepers coming along, Shining?

Shining Armor: Sure thing!

Twilight: Thomas, I need to move that ballast over here.

Thomas: Way ahead of ya.

[Then, Max and Monty zoom by]

Twilight: [sighs] Rainbow Dash, can you get Max and Mounty under control please?

Rainbow Dash: Already on that.

Percy: Okay, if you say so.

Alfie: Max! Monty! Get back here!

Max: Okay then.

Monty: Keep your bucket on, small fry.

Max: Very well then.

Twilight: That's taken care of. Fluttershy, bring Revvit more this way please?

Fluttershy: Okay then, as you wish.

Twilight: Ton-Ton, how's the foundation's coming on?

Ton-Ton: Going well.

Twilight: Keep up the good work!

Ton-Ton: Will do, dudette!

Twilight: Okay, everyone, let's sing our branchline song one more time!

Pinkie Pie: Yay, Okay!

[Twilight Sparkle]
We're working together at Arlesdale
We're on a Pirate adventure
We're building a brand new branchline
[Thomas and the Ponies]
We can do it all together
Twilight explores with her best friend Spike
With Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie too
[Twilight Sparkle]
With my big brother Shining and Uni-Kitty
Yeah, we couldn't do it without you
[The Ponies and Thomas]
Yeah, we couldn't do it without you
Thomas: Sing with us!
[The Ponies and Thomas]
We're working together at Arlesdale
We're on a Pirate adventure
We're building a brand new branchline
And we have to work together (x3)

Twilight: Finally! We finished the song properly.

Fluttershy: Wow, talk about singing a song.

Ty: Great song, you guys!

Uni-Kitty: Yeah, that was pretty!

Skyla: Guys! I got hold of something! I don't know what it is but it's really heavy!

Ty: Well, bring it over here.

Thomas: She can't, Ty. It's really heavy.

Ty: Oh, my bad.

Thomas: Don't worry, Skyla. We'll help you.

Skyla: Okay then.

[Everyone rushes over to Skya and starts pulling until the item she has eventually comes free]

Thomas: Whoa!

Applejack: Would you look at that!

Rarity: I don't believe my eyes!

Pinkie: Wow! What is it?

Applejack: Ya'll know what it is.

Thomas: It's a pirate ship.

Rainbow Dash: Shimber me timbers, I'm a pirate!

[Everyone else laughs]

Thomas: Oh, Rainbow.

James: That's pretty funny.

Twilight: Come on, let's go show Sir Topham Hatt!

Thomas: Got it!

Percy: Let's go see how they did it.

[Later, with the gang and Sir Topham Hatt]

Sir Topham Hatt: Hello guys. You built a pirate ship, that's nice.

Thomas: No, sir. We discovered it. Skyla helped us get it here.

Skyla: Yeah, we saved Uni-kitty.

Sir Topham Hatt: Really? Well, in that case, I hereby declare that you continue working together.

Uni-Kitty: Yeah, it was very nice to save me.

Thomas: Come on, team. Let's get back to work. Can we build it?

Sir Topham Hatt: Sure thing.

Thomas: Sir, I was talking to the others.

Sir Topham Hatt: Oh.

Everyone else: Yes we can!

Percy: Let's build!

Rainbow Dash: Race you to the construction site.

Fluttershy: Okay then.

Ty: Let's trux it up!

Percy: Got it!

[Later, at the construction site]

James: Okay, easy to the left.

Kelly: Keep your funnel on, James.

James: Don't worry, will be fine.

Twilight: Steady, Thomas. We don't want those sleepers getting broken.

Thomas: I won't.

[Percy nearly bumps into Byron]

Byron: Watch it.

Percy: Sorry, Byron.

[Byron moves away]

Byron: That's better.

[Percy chugs on]

Rainbow Dash: Right a bit, please, Optimus.

Optimus: Way ahead of ya.

[Donald and Douglas bring in more dynamite]

Thomas: [chuffs over and couples up to the Dynamite] Thanks, Donald and Douglas.

Donald: No problem.

Douglas: Let's continue working.

[Toby and Applejack arrive with more ballast]

Toby: I brought some more!

Applejack: With Ballast.

Thomas: Thanks, Applejack and Toby. Now let's get building.

Percy: So let's do it.

[Pinkie nearly runs into Jack the front loader]

Jack: Careful, Pinkie.

Pinkie: Okay.

Jack: [moves away] Catcha later.

Pinkie: Thanks.

Thomas: Looks like we nearly done for today. Construction takes time you know.

Percy: Yes, it takes time.

Rainbow Dash: Okay, time to go to sleep everyone.

Rarity: Nap time.

Thomas: Okay. Good night.

Fluttershy: Night.

Pinkie: See you guys in the morning.

[That night, everyone is asleep, Thomas hears something and wakes up]

Thomas: [gasps] What was that?

Percy: Shall we check it out?

[an object dashes behind Thomas]

Fluttershy: Eek! [hides behind Percy] What was that?

Thomas: I don't know. Let's go check it out. Can you wake up the Dinotrux for me, James.

James: Okay, Thomas.

Thomas: Come on, everyone. Let's go find out what that object was.

[Fluttershy wimpers]

Percy: Oh, Flutters.

James: Don't get afraid.

Fluttershy: Okay.

Toby: I see something.

Thomas: Really? What?

Toby: Over there.

Thomas: Follow that object.

Percy: Okay.

[The gang follows the object and sees that it is a boat with rail wheels]

Thomas: What is that?!

Pinkie: I think it's a sailboat. With rail wheels?

Rarity: Oh my Celestia!

[Thomas then knocks over a danger sign, causing a man holding a lamp to look at him]

Applejack: What in Tarnation?!

[Fluttershy yelps and hides behind Rainbow Dash]

Sailor John: Well, blow me down! Who are you lot?

[He holds his lamp closer]

Sailor John: And what are you doing sneaking about after me?

Rainbow Dash: Who is that enemy?!

Thomas: Rainbow Dash! Don't be harsh! Sorry about that, Mr. sailor guy. She's just like this because she's not used to new arrivals.

Fluttershy: Quiet and Whisper.

Thomas: Anyways, my name is Thomas. And these are my friends: Percy.

Percy: Hi.

Thomas: James.

James: The pleasure's mine.

Thomas: And the Mane 6: Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash.

Applejack: Howdy.

Twilight: And we discovered that cavern.

Rarity: And we found out that Uni-kitty was trapped inside a cave.

Pinkie: And we discovered the pirate ship.

Applejack: That we built.

Everyone else: Found!

Percy: That's right!

Sailor John: [chuckles] So, you discovered the pirate ship did you? Well, that makes us friends.

Rainbow Dash: Friends?

Sailor John: My name's John. Sailor John. That's what people round these parts like to call me anyway.

Fluttershy: Oh, right.

[Skiff rolls back]

Skiff: Whoa! [stops] And my name's Skiff. We;re trying to find the treasure.

[Sailor John nudges him angrily]

Sailor John: Skiff, Please stop interrupting me.

Skiff: Sorry.

Thomas: Treasure? What treasure?

Sailor John: You know, the treasure.

Rainbow: What pirates leave behind first but then come back for later.

Rarity: Right then.

Sailor John: How would you lot like to help us find it.

Fluttershy: I would love to.

Skiff: Yes. Come with us, Thomas. Please, Thomas.

Thomas: Well, okay then.

Pinkie: Time to start the treasure search party!

Applejack: Yeehaw!

Rarity: I will very well indeed like to join.

Fluttershy: Right.

Twilight: I think I might have some books that might be able to help.

Pinkie: What books?

Twilight: Treasure books that have treasure maps in them.

Pinkie: Oh, now I get it.

Thomas: What about you, Rainbow?

Rainbow: Well, It's 20% Cooler. But I still don't trust him.

Thomas: James?

James: That's a good idea for treasure maps.

Thomas: Are you in, Percy?

Percy: Yeah, Thomas.

Thomas: Then let's do it!

Toby: Let's get going!

[Sailor John hitches the lamp to Skiff]

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