This is how Thomas' duel with Stormer goes in Thomas and Twilight Go To The Hero Factory.

Stormer: Hello there.

Thomas: I've come to stop you Stormer.

Stormer: Ha! Stop me? You think it's funny?!

Thomas: No. But I won't let you get those plans.

Stormer: Never.

[Thomas activates his sword arm and they start fighting]

Thomas: Then your on!

[They continue fighting until Stormer hits Thomas on the head, grabs the plans and climbs up and away]

Stormer: Give it up, you lost.

[He disappears]

Thomas: Stormer, I'm sorry I couldn't save you. [blacks out]

Fear: Oh my, Thomas fainted!

Joy: We'd better check if he's alright.

Fear: Okay.

[They run up to Thomas]

Applejack: What in tarnation happened?!

[Ratchet scans Thomas]

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