Here's how Thomas' found his place at last! In Thomas' Place as a Prime.

[a bright sphere surrounds OpThomas Prime Supreme and he returns to Thomas and friends]

James: Whoa. Now that can give a headache. [places a hand on his head]

Pinkie: That was amazing! Megatrain was all like.... [makes blasting sounds] But you guys were just..... [makes a explosive sound along with sword clashing]

Optimus: Well, Thomas. I see you've now found your place as a Prime.

Thomas: I did!

Princess Celestia: Your place, is to lead the new Trainbots as the last Train-Prime!


Twilight: I'm so happy for you, I could hug you! [her ears droop down] If only I could.

Princess Luna: I believe we can grant that.

[Celestia and Luna grow Twilight to a size equivalent to Thomas']

Twilight: Gasp! [she and Thomas embrace]

Thomas: It feels nice to hug you.

Twilight: I know!

Spencer: Guys, Princess, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for betraying you guys.

Princess Celestia: But you have helped us, defeated Megatrain.

Spencer: Yes, I have.

Thomas; Oh right, [lets go of Twilight for a moment] Optimus, this belongs to you. [gives Optimus the Matrix back]

Optimus: Thank you, Thomas. [puts the Matrix back into his own chest]

Thomas: You're welcome.

Edward: You're a really useful Prime, Thomas.

Percy: [places his arm over Thomas' shoulder] The greatest Prime ever!

Gordon: The best!

James: The greatest!

Brian: The greatest ever and my best friend ever!!

Henry: We are under your command.

Hiro: After all, you are the one to leads us, right?

Thomas: Right!

[he and Twilight hug again]

Twilight: It'll be nice to have you like this, OpThomas Prime.

Optimus: Yes indeed, Twilight.

Princess Celestia: We shall have a celebration.

Princess Luna: Indeed.

Spencer: WAIT A MINUTE! How come I'm not a robot, like you guys?!

J.J.: Don't even push it Spencer, you already have an evil clone robot version of yourself.

Brian: Besides, you betrayed the Autobot's code. "Never join the Decepticon's side" and you did just that.

Spencer: Oh right.

Optimus: [narrating] Today, one of my close friends has found his destiny in the Autobots. He has done something so amazing that he earned himself the privilege to be a Prime. But now, he is now a true Prime; a Train-Prime. His destiny is to lead the future Trainbots here now. He has kept to the Prime's code and put his friends' lives in front of his own, like I taught him to do so. He and his friends alone, defeated the Great Megatrain: leader of the Deceptitrains, and now they are now officially transforming robots. I, am Optimus Prime and I send this message to tell how a simple tank engine who was just the Equestrian Princess' student became a Prime.

[Back to Patchy]

Patchy: I'm glad you all enjoyed the movie.

Potty: What do you know? He is a robot. And he did fight Megatrain!

Patchy: Not only that, Tirek's dead! And I'm glad that Spencer changed his ways, when Megatrain betrayed.

Potty: Also I got a surprise.

Patchy: You got rid of the robot android cyborg?!

Potty: Nope, even better.

Patchy: Potty, I guess I really misjudged you… [he looks] What the-?!! [Cavey is at a drum set, and the robot is DJ-ing, as strobe lights go off]

Song: "When Worlds Collide"

When worlds collide

Potty: Pretty sweet, eh?

You can run
But no can hide
When worlds collide
You'll laugh so hard
You'll swear you've died
When worlds collide
Hold my hand
I'll be your guide
When worlds collide
Buckle...buckle...buckle up for the sweetest ride
And prepare to have your mind blown wide
When worlds collide
When worlds collide, it's a curious thing
Bet you never heard a robot and a caveman sing
In his metal chest are some working parts
How is that different from my beating heart?
I'm from the future, and I'm from the past
But that don't mean this friendship wasn't built to last
He was made in a lab, and I was born in a cave
So let me hear you holler for this inter-era rave

Squidward: Future!

Potty: Word!

SpongeTron: I am SpongeTron.

You, you, you, you can run
But no can hide
When worlds collide [Patchy shuts his mouth with his hook. The lighting returns to normal]

Potty: Well. Bye, kids.

[The movie ends with the "Transformers: Prime theme" playing during the end credits]

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