This is how Thomas' research goes in Thomas and Friends: Olympics Special.

[school bell rings]

Thomas(EG): Ok. I think this will be fine.

[He bumps into serval students on the way]

Thomas(EG): Sorry. Excuse me. Pardon me.

Matau T. Monkey (EG): Ooh-ooh! Argh-argh! 

[door opens]

Thomas(EG): Matau! Matau!?

Matau T. Monkey (EG): [grunts]

Thomas(EG): [giggles] There you are.

Matau T. Monkey(EG): [looks at Thomas' amulet] Ahh.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Alright, Matau. That's enough.

Thomas(EG): Hi, Ryan. I see your pet is curious with my amulet.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): I know.

[Ryan leaves]

Thomas(EG): Later, Ryan.

Matau T. Monkey (EG): Ooh-ooh! [tickles Thomas with his tail]

Thomas(EG): Hey![giggles] That tickles.

[Matau stops]

Thomas (EG): Okay, okay! Last night's field test confirmed it, Matau. With this device, I can track and contain the bizarre energy coming from Canterlot High.

Matau T. Monkey(EG):[growls]

Thomas (EG): I know you didn't like me going over there, but I just couldn't wait. And soon, I'll have all the time I need. All of Crystal Prep is gonna be there for the Friendship Games. I just hope all that "rivalry" nonsense doesn't get in the way of my research. If I can collect enough data on these EM frequencies, I should be able to extrapolate the waveforms to determine their origin. That would practically guarantee my entrance into the Everton Independent Study Program! Whoa! Twilight will be so proud!

Sci-Twi: What was that about me?

Thomas(EG): Yes, Twilight. I hope my brother will be so happy with me.

Sci-Twi: I know. [leaves the room] See you later.

Matau T. Monkey(EG): Ooh-Ooh. Ahh-ahh.

[knock on the door]

Thomas(EG): Coming!

Dean Arcee: Thomas, you know the rules against pets.

Thomas(EG): Oh. Matau is not my pet. He's my brother's.

Dean Arcee: Oh, right.

Thomas(EG): Lucky for Principle Cinch, my brother's pet is not a dog.

Dean Arcee: If you say so. But Principal Cinch is highly allergic, so I suggest you put on a clean shirt.

Thomas(EG): Ok. [puts on a clean shirt]

Dean Arcee: Because, she wants to meet you.

Thomas(EG): She wants to see me??

Dean Arcee: Yes.

Thomas(EG): Wow! I hope she'll except my application to Everton!

Dean Arcee:  I've been meaning to talk to you about that. Are you sure that's what you really want?

Thomas(EG): I know. But, a program that allows me to focus all my attention on my own advanced math and science projects? It's a dream come true!

Sci-Twi: I'm so happy for you.

Thomas(EG): Thanks, Twilight.[hugs Sci-Twi]

Dean Arcee: But there aren't any classrooms with other students. You'll be doing everything on your own.

Thomas (EG):  That is why it's called an "independent study program".

Dean Arcee: I just don't want you to miss out on anything. That's all. Being around other people isn't a bad thing. Sometimes it's how you learn the most about yourself.

Thomas (EG): I guess.

Sci-Twi: Don't worry, Thomas. You'll do fine. I hope Ryan will be so happy.

Dean Arcee: Meet you in Principal Cinch's office in a few minutes?

[door closes]

Sci-Twi: I hope you get what you want, Thomas.

Thomas (EG): I hope so, Twilight.

Puppy Spike: [barks]

Thomas (EG): Hey, Spike.

Sci-Twi: I keep him hidden in my backpack.

Thomas (EG): Oh. What about my brother's pet?

Sci-Twi: He hides in his locker.

Thomas (EG): Oh. I hope that Principal Cinch and Vice Principal Shinnok are happy to see me.

Sci-Twi: [watches him go] Good luck.

Thomas (EG): Thanks, Twilight. I'm going to need it.

[The song What More Is Out There starts playing]

Thomas (EG): I've walked through all these halls before~

I've been in and out of every door, oh whoa oh~

There's nothin' in this school that I don't know~

In every class, my grade's the best~

The highest score on every test~

I think that means it's time for me to go~

I know there's more that's out there~

And I just haven't found it yet~

I know there's more that's out there~

Another me I haven't met~

This school is full of people~

But still I don't belong~

They only dream of winning~

Look at me like something's wrong~

Maybe I'm better off alone~

Will I find what I'm lookin' for~

If I just do it on my own?~

I know there's more that's out there~

Something to fill this hole inside~

I know there's more that's out there~

And I'm not afraid to try~

There's only so much this school can offer~

And I'm not saying that it's wrong~

But I know there's more that's out there~

'Cause I've been searching all along~

Beyond these rooms, beyond these walls~

So much to learn, I can't see it all~

There's somethin' out there callin' me~

And it's a mystery~

That I can't wait to see~

'Cause I know there's more that's out there~

Another place another way~

And I know there's more that's out there~

And I'll find out someday!~

I'll find out someday~

[Thomas goes into the principle's office]

[door creaks]

Thomas (EG): Hello?

Ryan (EG): Hello, Thomas.

Thomas (EG): Ryan F-Freeman? What are you doing here?

Ryan (EG): Ryan F-Freeman is in class. I'm the Ryan from Thomas and Friends.

Thomas (EG): Oh. So, why are you here?

Ryan (EG): Principle Cinch ordered me to do so.

Vice Principle Shinnok: He's here for the Friendship Games, Thomas. Please have a seat.

[Thomas sits down and the chair squeaks]

Thomas (EG): Vice Principle Shinnok? Who's with you?

Vice Principle Shinnok: As an alumni, Principal Cinch thought me and Ryan could provide some unique perspective.

Thomas (EG): What do you mean?

Principle Cinch: Why, the Friendship Games, of course. You competed in the Games, did you not, Ryan?

Ryan (EG): Yes I did.

Principle Cinch: And do you recall who won?

Ryan (EG): We always win. Go, Shadowbolts!

Principle Cinch: Absolutely right. We always win.

Thomas (EG): Wow. So, Principle Cinch. Why you want me to compete?

Principle Cinch: I want you to compete because we have a reputation. And it doesn't matter whether or not we win or lose.

Vice Principle Shinnok: She's right, Thomas. We were expecting to win because Crystal Prep has a reputation.

Thomas (EG): So, Ryan's just passing his legacy onto me.

Ryan (EG): Yup, Thomas. I'll get Ryan F-Freeman to you right away.

Thomas (EG): Thanks, Ryan. But I'll be fine.

Ryan (EG): But Vice Principle Shinnok said you could need Ryan F-Freeman to come with you. He saw the Diesel Trio at Canterlot high.

Thomas (EG): Okay. I'm heading to the bus now, tell him to catch me up.

Ryan (EG): Right. [goes to find Sci-Ryan]

[Thomas heads outside]

Vice Principle Shinnok: Wait, Thomas.

Thomas (EG): What?

Vice Principle Shinnok: Principle Cinch have something to say to you.

Thomas (EG): What is it?

Vice Principle Shinnok: Principle Cinch. Tell Thomas what you said to Twilight.

[Cinch clears her throat]

Thomas (EG): I hope it's about the reputation.

[Cinch opens her mouth]

Thomas (EG):[in mind] 3, 2, 1.

Principle Cinch: But if you fail to win, I will deny your Everton application.

Thomas (EG):[gasps]

Vice Principle Shinnok: Don't worry, Thomas. Here's the deal. I'll accept your Everton application if you compete in the Friendship Games.

Thomas (EG): Thanks.

Principle Cinch: You think you'll accept Thomas' Everton application, Shinnok?

Vice Principle Shinnok: Yes.

Thomas (EG): He's right, Principle Cinch. I also have the chance to understand the strange energy coming from Canterlot High.

Principle Cinch: What?

[Shinnok whispers to Cinch]

Principle Cinch: Oh, I see. Well, good luck.


Ryan F-Freeman (EG): How's the meeting, Thomas?

Thomas (EG): It went great.

Ryan (EG): You're going to compete in the games, bro?

Thomas (EG): Yeah. [sees two of his teammates] Are those my teammates?

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Yup. If you're going to compete, Thomas, so am I.

Thomas (EG): Thanks.

[Thomas starts to board the bus when one of his teammates, Zack, clears his throat]

[Sci-Ryan wonders what Zack is going to say]

Zack: Ahem. Back of the line.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Ok. [to Thomas] I hope I'll see cyborg me again.

Thomas (EG): Me too.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): At least I got my amulet with me. Just in case if I transform into a Daydream Shimmer version of myself.

Thomas (EG): [chuckles]

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): And I'll use Twilight's amulet on Twilight, if you unleash the magic.

Thomas (EG): Uh, that's not supposed to happen until near the end of the movie.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Ok. I'll put that on my to-do list.

Dean Arcee: Since Thomas is so willing to check out what is going on, he will be the first to get on.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Ok, Dean Arcee. [puts a reminder on his to-do list]

Crash Bandicoot (EG): I'm so excited.

Thomas (EG): What? But I didn't to butt in line.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): I didn't butt in line.

Thomas (EG): Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Sorry. But I hope we will win these games, Thomas.

[Thomas boards the bus. Spencer appears]

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Hi, Spencer. You're here for the Games?

Spencer: Are we gonna win?!

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Yes, Spencer. Why?

Spencer: That lacks confidence. Try again.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Yes!

Spencer: That's the spirit!

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Wow! That's good. High Five!!

[They high five and Thomas sits down next to Sideburn]

Sci-Twi: I'm happy for you to come along with Thomas, Ryan.

Thomas (EG): Hi, Sideburn.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Sideburn? Who's Sideburn?

Thomas (EG): One of my teammates.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Oh. I'll go sit next to Twilight if it's ok with you, Thomas.

[Thomas nods]

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Thanks. [goes to sit with Sci-Twi]

Thomas (EG): Okay. I'll start again. [clears his throat] Hi, Sideburn.

Sideburn: That was a really bad speech. You should consider not speaking in public.

[bus starts]

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): So, Twilight. I'm so happy that I'm sitting next to you.

Sci-Twi: Yeah.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Your boyfriend is competing in the Friendship Games and so am I.

[Meanwhile, Sassy, a girl who Thomas is teammates with, is listening to music on her headphones]

Sassy: Dude, you have gotta hear this!

Thomas (EG): Listen to what?

Sassy: This! [puts her headphones on Thomas]

Thomas (EG): Oohhh. My ears! What is that song you're hearing to?

Sassy: What? It's just rock music.

Thomas (EG): I hope Lemon Zest would do the same to Ryan.

Lemon Zest: Hey, Ryan!

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Yes, Lemon?

Lemon Zest: Excited for the Friendship Games? Cause I sure am.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Yes. I hope Optimus is with us.

Optimus Prime (EG): Hello, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Hi, Optimus. Are you happy for the Friendship Games?

Optimus Prime (EG): Yes.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): Me too, Ryan.

Thomas (EG): Wow!

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Thomas. This is one of my friends, Crash Bandicoot.

Thomas (EG): Nice to meet you.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): Hi, Thomas. I hope we would win for Crystal Prep's reputation.

Thomas (EG): Yeah. Me too.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): Ryan's got his amulet with him just in case.

Thomas (EG): Yeah.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): At least my friends, the Diesel Trio is with me. I know that Canterlot High is having some kind of reputation.

Thomas (EG): I know.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Sour Sweet hopes that we'll do great.

Thomas (EG): She was pretty mean to Twilight back then.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Yeah. But she's sweet to Twilight.


Mr. L: I can't believe that those heroes destroyed the Dark Spark, Megatron.[bumps into the Grand Duke of Owls]

The Grand Duke of Owls: Ow!

Mr. L: Sorry. I didn't know you were there.

Megatron: You should've paid more attention.

Starscream: Hello, my fine bird friend.

The Grand Duke of Owls: Starscream! It's been a long time!

Megatron: You said it, Duke. You're here for the Friendship Games?

[He nods]

SMG3: Good for you. I think the Friendship Games is the answer to our problem.

Starscream: Yes. [in mind] So that I can overthrow Megatron and become leader of the Decepticons.

Mystery Villain: Starscream. You're talking in your head.

Starscream: Who are you?

Princess Dark Matter: I am Princess Dark Matter.

Starscream: I plot to overthrow Lord Megatron but I've failed some many times.

Mr. L: You know, miss. you should compete in the games. We be great as the Shadowbolts.

[Dark Matter nods]

The Grand Duke of Owls: I'm so happy for you to compete, Dark Matter.

Starscream: [in mind] Even I do overthrow Megatron.

Megatron: I heard that!

Sour Sweet: What?! How?! He didn't even say anything.

The Grand Duke of Owls: Sorry, Sour Sweet. It's just that my friends and I are competing in the Friendship Games.

Indigo Zap: So what? He didn't say anything.

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Did that owl just talked? That's... weird.

Sugarcoat: We know.

The Grand Duke of Owls: Wait. Are you the cyborg Ryan or the human one?

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Human.

Princess Dark Matter: Hey. You seem familiar. Have we met?

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): I don't think so.

Lemon Zest: Hey, owl dude. You got to hear this.[puts her headphones on the Duke of Owls' head]

Starscream: [laughs]

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): Now that's funny.

Megatron: [laughs]

Crash Bandicoot (EG): [laughs] The owl looks funny when he hears rock music.

[Lemon Zest winks]

Ryan F-Freeman (EG): At least I got my amulet with me. It's like the cyborg me understands magic.

Sour Sweet: We know.

The Grand Duke of Owls: Eehh. Did he say magic??

Sugarcoat: Well, duh, of course he did.

Bert: Ryan tells us that we came to Canterlot High for the Musical Showcase.

Starscream: [thinks] Magic, huh? Lord Megatron, I think this "magic" is the very answer to our problem.

Megatron: Yes, Starscream. When I was in a world called Oz where the Jester is, I got magic when I got the Dark Spark.

Starscream: And I believe we may be able to use it for our own purposes.

Mr. L: Yup. If the human Ryan transforms into a Daydream Shimmer of himself.

Dr. Neo Cortex: Mr. L? Why did you mention Daydream Shimmer?

Mr. L: Because, I watched the movie.

Mal: Yes. With the magic and my pendant, I can posses Ryan's body, rule Equestria and Planet Mixel all at the same time.

Starscream: Mal. Might I suggest that you keep that to yourself. That blasted Soundwave sees and hears everything.

Mal: Right.

[Soundwave listens behind a wall]

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