This is how the battle between Thomas and Tirek goes in Thomas' Place as a Prime.

[the hail of bullets hit Tirek in his upper chest and he falls back, then "Preliator" starts playing]

Tirek: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Whoa! [he gets up and stares daggers into Thomas' eyes] I'M GONNA BUST YOU OPEN LIKE A TUNA CAN!!!!!!

Thomas: IT IS ON!!!!

Tirek: Prepare to die! [uses the force to throw a massive boulder at Thomas]

Thomas: [teleports out of the way and behind Tirek] Eat this! [fires magic beams from his guns]

Tirek: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! [he glares at Thomas]

Thomas: [fires his guns at Tirek's feet which causes him to trip]

Tirek: Uh, Oof! [tries to zap Thomas]

Thomas: [teleports]

Tirek: Where do you think you're going?

Thomas: Away from you!

Tirek: [growls and charges at Thomas again and fires a blast]

Thomas: [deploys a shield and deflects the blast, then fires at Tirek]

Tirek: How is this possible?! You're only a tank engine!!

Thomas: You know why?

Tirek: Why?

Thomas: Because I'm a Prime!! [fires more blasts of magic and his fires his guns at Tirek] And I've got the Blue Ruby and the Black Pearl on my side! As well as the Matrix!


Thomas: NEVER! [he fires his guns]


Thomas: [charges Tirek and rams him on a mountain]

[soon our heroes appear over the hill and watch as the battle goes]

Eddy: YA, THOMAS!! [takes a hotdog out of nowhere]

Brian: Yeah, go get him Thomas! You can do it!

Tirek: [fires another blast]

Thomas: AAAAHHHHH!!!!! [he lands on the ground]

Tirek: [prepares to body slam]

Thomas: [dodges hit and uses a magic beam on Tirek]

Quagmire and Cleveland: OOOOOOHHHHHH!

Joe: Nice one Thomas!!

Ed: KICK HIS BUTT, THOMAS!!! [takes popcorn out of nowhere]

[then we watch as Tirek fires several blasts as Thomas turns and swerves avoiding each one, and then he fires huge magic beams, followed by a hail of bullets, knocking Tirek backward into the side of the mountain]

Tirek: [groans, then he gets up] I will retrieve that army!!!!!! [he picks up a boulder and throws it at Thomas]

Thomas: [destroys the boulder with a powerful blast of magic] You're not getting that army!! [fires more blast of magic and his gatling guns at Tirek]

Tirek: [lefts up the ground where Thomas is standing] GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! [throws it and it crashes, but Thomas comes out unharmed]

Edd: How is Thomas firing blast of magic? [he takes out a notepad and starts taking notes] This is really interesting, very worthy of a noble prize.


Thomas: Not for a long time! [fires more bullets at Tirek]

Tirek: [blocks it this time]

Thomas: What?

Tirek: [fires a blast of magic]

Thomas: [the blast hits the ground in front of Thomas which sends him flying] AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! [falls to the ground]

Twilight & Brian: (in unison) THOMAS!!!!

Tirek: Gotcha!

Twilight: [tries to run for him but is stopped] Cadance, let me go! He needs me! Let go of my tail! [grunts as she tries to pull loose]

Cadance: This is his fight, stay out of it!

Thomas; [rejoices] Okay. Now, I'm really mad! [fires a really powerful blast]

Tirek: [is hit and he falls to the ground]

[the 2 fire huge blasts of magic which collide and try to force against each other but the force is so great that Thomas and Tirek are sliding backwards from the blast, then they both send each other flying back and into a mountain. The blast was so loud, it stop Hiatt Grey's Engines working]

Puffer: What was that?

[Back at Canterlot]

Brian: My God!

Thomas: [gets back up]

Tirek: It appears we are at an impasse.

Thomas: So now what?

Tirek: Here's what I'm thinking.

Thomas: Thinking what?

Tirek: Just hear me out.