Thomas: Private Eye is an episode of Thomas' Tall Tales.


Thomas tells the story of his detective days.


James comes into the Steamworks with faulty brakes then Thomas suddenly appears in front of him and said "Faulty brakes, you say? I thought I'd had solved that crime by now.". James questions it and Thomas said that he was a private eye. James says no way and Thomas replies that it's true. Sometime in the past, Thomas was working on a case that involved engines with faulty brakes. He's about to leave and then, Ben puffs in, wearing a orange baseball cap and shining red wheels. Ben tells Thomas to find Bill, claiming he has been Train-napped. When asked by Thomas on his last sightings of his brother, he answers that he was working for Nancy, a female thug train who owns a club called "The Cyberclub of Music and Love". Thomas goes there and talks to a Winx Club Cybertronian called Musica. When asked on if she's seen Bill, Musica says she doesn't remember the last time she saw him. Thomas uses four red wheels to help jog her memory and she finally remembers. She tells Thomas that she last saw him with Nancy a couple of days ago. Thomas asks where they went and Musica says she doesn't know or care but mentions that Bill smelt salty like the ocean. Then a person that looks like Knock Out asks if he's bugging her. Musica replies that he isn't yet, then Megatron said he's bugging him. They throw Thomas out of the club and remove his headlamp as a warning not to mess with their boss. Thomas meets up with Scruff who is working in the ally dumping old faulty brakes. He explains that Nighlock had him do it, since Nighlock couldn't fix the faulty brakes. He tells them that the mutant suddenly went missing. Thomas


  • This is based on Mater Private Eye.
  • James will play the role of Lieutenant James.