This is how the Thomas & his friends are trapped and homesick (I want to Go Home) scene goes in Jimmy Neutron's Adventures of Journey Beyond Sodor.


[Thomas and the others arrive at the watertower where Hurricane is. They're quite tired and hot]

Scoop: Who knew working this hard could be thirsty work?

Thomas: [panting] You're... right... Scoop. This... Is... thirsty... work!

Frankie: That's what we've been trying to tell you, little tank engine. This really is the hottest place in town!

Ben Tennyson: [to the viewers] I love it when we get the song title in like that.

Cruz: Lightning and I have never worked this hard.

Lightning: That's nothing, Cruz. I repaved the whole of the road in Radiator Springs when I first crashed into there.

Cruz: Really?

Lightning: Yes, yes, I did.

Hurricane: Wow! You must have worked very hard to do that!

Max Tennyson: [panting] That cooling hose made me feel hotter than ever! This is tiring and thirsty work! [removes his boots and socks, and starts drinking the sweat from his boots. With shocked and quite disturbed looks, Ben and Gwen quickly sit a distance from him.]

Jimmy Neutron: Ben, I do not know what's more disturbing; Dad's obsession with ducks, or your grandpa drinking his own sweat from his boots.

[He sits down on a tyre. Frankie gasps]

Frankie: Ben Tennyson, what on earth is your grandpa doing?!

Ben Tennyson: He's having a drink, Frankie, why?

Frankie: [Stern] That, Is noticeably against the hygiene code! [looks sternly at Max Tennyson, who is drinking the sweat from his other boot. He stops when he sees Frankie looking at him.]

Max Tennyson: What?

Frankie: [looks at Thomas] Well, little tank engine, in spite of.... that, [grimaces at Max, who is putting his boots and socks back on] you and your friends are doing a terrific job! Hurricane and I are very impressed.

[Thomas and his friends get back to work]

[Song: I Want to Go Home]

Thomas: How much longer will we have to stay here?
One more day, or a month, or a year?
Far from everything we've ever known
Lightning: Far away from the Island called Sodor
Cruz: Far away from that Island called home
Thomas: Where are you Annie and Clarabel?
Have you been left in the shed?
Or are you out on my branch line
With some other engine instead?
Jimmy Neutron: We miss all of our friends
We miss hearing their names
Gwen Tennyson: Percy and Toby and Gordon
Thomas: It's strange but I even miss James
I'm not joking, I even miss James
Thomas: We wanted to have an adventure
We wanted to wander and roam
We wanted to see places we'd never seen
Lightning: But now we just wanna go home
Thomas: Tell me when do I get to go home?
Max Tennyson: You're right, Thomas. We miss everyone on Sodor! We don't wanna be here forever! We DO want to go home! 
Gwen Tennyson: That's the spirit, Grandpa!
Scoop: We're going home tonight!
Cruz: All we wanna do is go back to Sodor
Scoop: All we wanna do is get back to our friends
Ben Tennyson: We don't wanna be stuck here forever and always
In this hot house where work never ends!
Thomas: We wanted adventure
Jimmy Neutron: We wanted to roam
Lightning: We wanted new places but now we want home!
Thomas: I mean it, I have to go home
Lightning: So lock up your gates with your skeleton key
Max Tennyson: You can't make us stay where we don't wanna be
Lightning: It's not right
Scoop: it's not fair
Thomas: This is no place for me...
[Thomas notices a gap in a fence]
Thomas: I want to, I need to, I have to be free to go home!
[He heads off down the track through the gap in the fence]
Thomas: I'll find my way home
I'll make my way home
It's time to go home
I'm going home!
[The track soon ends in a forest, and Thomas gets derailed.]