Thomas (film) is a movie based on the Disney movie Bolt.


When Thomas gets separated from Percy, he must travel across the world to Hollywood to reunite with Percy with the help of his biggest fan Smokescreen and his new Autobot friend Arcee.


Sunset Buys Thomas

The film starts at an engine workshop. Thomas the Tank Engine is sitting next to Mata Nui and his brother Makuta. The door opens and a girl named Sunset Shimmer comes in and chooses Thomas while Sunset's friend Cody chooses Mata Nui and Makuta. Five years later, Sunset, her mom and Thomas star in a tv show named after Thomas himself. In it, Makuta plays a villain called The Dark Autobot and Thomas is the hero who fights him. In an episode, Sunset gets a


  • This film is based on Disney's Bolt.



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