This is how Thomas and Bertie's race goes in The PJ Masks' Adventures of Thomas and Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.


[6 Moons later, Thomas is chuffing along his branch line in the same intro as in the original film]

Thomas: Keep an eye out for Bertie, Clarabel. I don't want him taking me by surprise.

Clarabel: You should stop thinking about racing, Thomas.

Annie: And keep your eyes on the rails....!

[Thomas spots Bertie and starts to go faster]

Annie and Clarabel: [yelling]

[Thomas whistles and grabs Bertie's attention and they start racing]

Clarabel: Not so fast!

[Thomas & Bertie get racing]

Thomas: Maybe you should just give up now, Bertie. You know I'm going to win.

Bertie: You won't if you don't look where you're going. [laughs]

[Thomas spots a repair up ahead and manages to avoid it]

Annie: Slow down, Thomas! The signal! The signal!

[The signal is red & Toby & Henrietta are heading on the opposite way]

Thomas: Express coming through!!!

[The signalman changes the points and Toby stops as Thomas zooms by on a branch line]

Toby: THOMAS!!!!!

[Near the road]

Bertie: Looks like I'm going to win this time!

[He laughs but then sees Oliver the excavator ahead of him]

Bertie: Oh no! Out of the way!

Oliver: Oh, Bertie. I'm so sorry! No, no. Don't push.

Thomas: Better luck next time, Bertie! [races by]

Bertie: Oh, typical. Why is it always me?

Oliver: Oh, so sorry my friend.

[Oliver passes by The Thin Clergyman on his bike]

[Thomas continues down the line as the title comes up]

[At Ffarqhuar]

Annie: Thomas, you know Sir Topham Hatt and Princess Celestia don't approve of you racing.

Thomas: Nonsense. What do they know? I've been racing on my branchline for years.

[Thomas blows steam in Annie's face making her cough]

Clarabel: Well, I know your passengers don't like being bounced about like peas in a frying pan.

[Bertie turns up]

Bertie: Not Fair! I'm always getting stuck behind slow vehicles, since they've started work on that new branch line.

Annie: New branchline? What new branchline?

Bertie: The one that's running from Arlesdale up to Harwick!

Annie: But if Sir Topham Hatt has a new branchline...

Clarabel: He might close down our old branch line!

Thomas: Honestly, you two. This branchline is the most important on the railway. I'll always be Sir Topham Hatt's No. 1 tank engine and Twilight Sparkle's number one boyfriend.

Annie: And may I add "Ryan F-Freeman's friend"?

[the three of them laugh]

Thomas: Thanks, Annie. He became a Prime and a prince when he help me fit in at CHS.

[Annie and Clarable smile]

Thomas: Yes. I'll always be number one.

Sci-Twi: Hey, Thomas. Can you pick me up at Canterlot train station at home time? There's something I need to discuss with you.

Thomas: Sure, Sci-Twi. Wait a minuet! It's the Decepticons, isn't it?

Sci-Twi: Yes. Yes it is.

Thomas: Why do we need to talk about them?

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