The way Thomas and Dusty's plan goes in Revenge of the Ghost Train.

At the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom.

Thomas: Now, Here is the plan to stop the Ghost Train.

Dusty Crophopper: We'll check every corner in Ponyville.

Mater: What's gonna happen if the Ghost Trian comes back?

Lightning McQueen: Wait, What's that over there?

Rheneas: An old tunnel?

Paxton: (gasps) Oh my!!

Luke: Oh my!

Duncan: What's it doing here?

Peter Sam: The tunnel is old for years!

Toby: Let's hope we'll find the Ghost Train in there.

Henry: I agree, Toby.

Charlie: Me too.

Thomas: All right, who will go in the tunnel to investigate?

Stephen: I'll go in first.

Princess Yuna: (hiding)

Dragonsly: Look at them go.

EVE: Shhhh.

Dragonsly: (whispers) Sorry

Gordon: I'll go with Stephen.

Gator: I'll stay here.

Percy: Good luck, Gordon.

Luke: I hope nothing bad will happen to them.

Skarloey: Don't worry, Luke.

Maru: I'll go with Stephen.

Toad: I'm ready when you are, Mr. Oliver.

Oliver: I'm always ready, Toad.

Thomas: I know someone who can help and know about the Ghost Train.

Duck: Like who?

Dusty Crophopper: Diesel 10.

The engines: Diesel 10?!

Gator: You mean that evil diesel with a claw on the top?!?

Percy: Yes, but he's changed because he always wanted to show what a really useful engine he is.

Mater: We believe you, Percy, Don't we, Fellas?

Luigi: Si, We believe you, my friends.

Guido: Diesel 10 merita sempre una seconda possibilità. (meaning "Diesel 10 always deserves a second chance.")

With Princess Yuna and the others.

Flain: The old tunnel sounds spooky!

Princess Skyla: Do you think that the Ghost Train in there?

Princess Yuna: No, it's not!

Flurr: What now, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: There was another ghost train. It's called "The New York Central City Albany".

The others: (gasps)

Gobba: What is the New York Central City Albany?

Princess Yuna: The train of New York that was accidentally derailed in 1920, killing over 100 people.

Krader: Yeah! How did you know, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: My Mama, Papa and Aunt Celestia brought me to New York at Museum of Natural History.

The others: Oh.

Princess Yuna: Come on, Let's go!

Nyx: Derailed in 1920 sounds scary!

Torts: We have to lay low.

Cheetor: Come on.

Glomp: Right behind you, Cheetor.

Willow Apple: It's okay to be scared, Nyx.

Nyx: I know, Willow Apple.

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