Thomas and Friends: Friendship Games is a new Thomas and Friends film.


Thomas and his friends are preparing for the upcoming Sodor Friendship Games and they are determined to beat their rivals, the Mainland Streamliners. One of them turns out to be the Mainland's version of Ashima, who is investigating the mysterious energy coming from Sodor.


Thomas races to Knapford where he finds Gordon, Toby, James, Edward, Henry and Percy waiting for him. Thomas wanted to know if something had happened or whether or not Cybernetic energy was on the loose. But, it is revealed that Gordon has a faulty T-Cog. So, Thomas fixes it and Gordon goes with the others to show Peter Sam, Sir Handel and Duncan some awesome battle moves he came up with as Thomas stays behind to write to Ashima. Then, a stranger arrived at the yard and examines the portal, but was distracted when Thomas spotted her and she has retreated on a boat, leaving behind a confused and pondering Thomas. Later, the stranger is revealed to be the Mainland's version of Ashima who was interested in the strange energy going on in the Island of Sodor. Later, she makes it to the Mainland where Ashima has a photo of the portal to and from the island of Sodor, Thomas and

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