Thomas and Friends: Sodor Engines Friendship Games is a new movie.


The Friendship Games are coming and there is to be no cybernetic energy involved. But a glasses wearing steamie named Sci-Thomas is on the opposing team and tracking the strange energy coming from Sodor.


Opening Scene: A new arrival

The film kicks off with Diesel chugging his way to the yard. He stops when he sees Gordon. Diesel asks what the problem is, and Percy jumps to the conclusion that a giant cake monster attacked and covered the world in cake. Gordon says not exactly and Diesel asks what he means. Gordon says it's his T-Cog and he can't transform while its not working properly. Diesel fixes his T-Cog and Gordon gets ready to show Sir Handel, Peter Sam and Duncan some new moves for battle he came up with. As the others join him in the yard, Diesel stays behind to write to Thomas, who is away on Misty Island. Then a hooded engine starts scanning the portal. Diesel sees this and calls out to the engine, who puffs away. The engine is revealed to be the world's Thomas.

Friendship Games Song/Diesel's speculations

When Sci-Thomas puts up the picture of the mirror, the Friendship Games song plays. After the song, Diesel explains what he saw. Percy assumes some strange assumptions, which even confuses Deadpool. Diesel supsects



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