Thomas and Friends: Spooky Sodor Heroes is a new Halloween Movie. 


Thomas and his friends need a break from fighting bad guys and there's nothing more fitting than to celebrate Halloween. But fighting bad guys isn't Thomas and his friends' only problem! Thomas, Edward, Percy, Emily, Porter, Salty, Diesel 10 and Spencer develope their own monster powers and features and strange things are happening around the island. It looks like Thomas and his friends can't catch a break after all!


Spooky stories

Thomas and his friends have decided to take a break from fighting bad guys and Halloween seems like a good way to relax. One night, the engines are telling spooky stories at Tidmouth Sheds. James tells the story of a paintwork fashion disaster, Edward tells the story of Timothy the Ghost Train, Emily tells the story of a stirling ghost engine and Thomas tells the story of SkeleThomas, a skeleton engine. The story scare the engines so much that Henry hides in his shed in fear. James teases Henry about being scared and Thomas


  • will be mentioned in this film.


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