This is how Thomas and Mater's Night-Time Pranking goes in Mater, Thomas and the Ghostlight.

(The logos and title card show as "Behind the Clouds" begins to play. The screen shows on Halloween Night with a view of Radiator Springs on the part of the road between Radiator Springs Curios and Flo's V8 Cafe toward the courthouse, then it shows Red watering pots of flowers. As he is about to water the third pot, it moves away slightly. Red feels confused about this, and the pot moves again, then the screen shows Mater and Thomas chuckling and hiding beside the courthouse as Mater pulls the flowers away from Red with his hook. Then it shows Guido finishing his and Luigi's model of the Coliseum made out of tires, called "Luigi's Roman Coliseum of Tires". Luigi and Guido are impressed, but Mater and Thomas suddenly jump out from behind the model, causing Luigi and Guido to faint. Next, Sally and Twilight are shown inside the Cozy Cone Motel, when two of the cones outside are seen moving. Wondering what is happening, Sally and Twilight go over to see, then Mater and Thomas appear with the cones on top of them, along with two other cones over Mater's buck teeth and compressed beneath Thomas' top lip to represent fangs.)

Mater and Thomas: (cackle)

Sally Carrera and Twilight Sparkle: (gasp)

Mater and Thomas: (laugh)

(Then Mater and Thomas are shown tiptoeing to a snoring Lizzie.)

Mater: Boo!

Thomas: (blows his whistle)

(Lizzie keeps on sleeping.)

Mater: (babbles, and exclaims while jumping up and down while Thomas keeps blowing his whistle)

(However, Lizzie still does not wake up.)

Thomas: (sighs) Not so easy to prank, is she?

(Then the screen shows Fillmore taking one of his cans of organic fuel into his building, which Mater and Thomas then move one next to the other two and hide. Fillmore comes out, feeling confused as he sees three cans rather than two. After looking around, he takes one back inside. Then he comes back to see a lot of fuel cans in front of him, and moves back inside as Mater and Thomas laugh.)

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