This is how Thomas and Mater figure out the joke and post credits goes in Mater, Thomas and the Ghostlight.

Mater: (eventually getting tired) Ghostlight's gonna...strip our parts and sell 'em on the computer auction Web site.

Mater: (gets up, then realizes something, and moves his hook in front of him to see the lamp) Hey, wait a minute.

Everyone else: (all laugh)

Lightning McQueen: Gotcha!

Thomas: (laughs) Very funny!

Mater: Shoot, we knowed this was a joke the whole time!

Rainbow Dash: (laughs) No you didn't!

Dash: More like you did not...

Bash: ...'cause you got scared.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Mater: No, really, we do know!

Sheriff: (to Mater) You see, son, the only thing to be scared of out here is your imagination.

Doc Hudson: Yup. That and, of course, the Screamin' Banshee. Well, good night! (quickly drives away)

Everyone else and Team Freeman: Good night! (all run and drive off in the distance, with the street lamps turning off)

Mater and Thomas: The Screamin' what? (both begin to shake again)

(The credits then show, as "I Wanna Scare Myself" plays. After the credits, a post-credits scene is shown, where the Screamin' Banshee appears behind Mater and Thomas.)

Screamin' Banshee: (growls)

Thomas: (gasps when he sees the Banshee)

Mater: (turns around and gasps, not realizing it is actually the Banshee) You better run. They say there's a Banshee out here somewhere tonight, but we ain't seen him yet. Good night. (drives away)

Thomas: Uh, yeah. What he said. (puffs after him)

Screamin' Banshee: Huh?

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