The way Thomas and Twilight's Plan and searching for Yuna goes in Yuna and Dusty.

Meanwhile, at Canterlot.

Edd: What's the password?

Rainbow Dash: Password?

Edd: Yep.

Rainbow Dash: United we stand, Together we prevail?

Edd: (opens door) Come on in.

Thomas: Attention, everyone!

Twilight Sparkle: We called this meeting for a reason.

Princess Luna: I've been completely worried about Yuna's safety.

Hiro: Don't worry, Luna, Everything will be fine.

Dipper: Poor, Luna, She must be taking it hard.

Steamy: You said it.

Locomotive 131: Ah' hope she's okay.

Thomas: Any suggestions?

Puffy: (thinking) Maybe we should find Yuna and Dusty with the map?

Emmet: Great idea, Puffy. Just like a search party during our mission to save Hrio and Princess Luna's wedding.

Good Cop: Maybe GPS or something?

Bad Cop: That's how we'll find them.

Blackout: Oh.

Drip: Maybe.

Avalanche: For Prince Hiro and Princess Luna!

Pinecone: and for Princess Yuna!

Dynamite: All right!

Blade Ranger: Knock it off!

Twilight Sparkle: Thomas and I have a plan.

Thomas: Here is the plan, We use the GPS to find Yuna and the others.

Twilight Sparkle: It's not going to be easy, But we have to make sure that Yuna is safe.

Windlifter: (chanting)

Maud Pie: Do you since anything, Windlifter?

Windlifter: It is the work on The Jester.

Maru: The Jester of Oz?

Cabbie: we better get a move on!

Turbo: Right!

Nellie: Guess this is what we've been trained for.

Whiplash: You got that right!

Vanellope von Schweetz: Let's do this!

Windlifter: We need every plane we got.

Thomas: Let's do this thing!

Blade Ranger: Let's load up.

Maru: Come on, everybody! Let's load up!

SpongeBob SquarePants: (gets on his train and blows its whistle) Are you ready, Patrick!?

Patrick Star: Ready, SpongeBob!

Cool McCool: All set!

Wreck-It Ralph: Is that everyone?

Sergeant Calhoun: Negative, We still got the Cavalry!

Roary: Good thing that I got wings, tailfins and rocket boosters.

Lightning McQueen: I'm ready!

Skipper Riley: That's everyone, Let's go!

Princess Luna: I'm coming for you, Yuna!

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