Thomas and Twilight's Racing Adventure is new movie.


It's the Day of the Great Race and Vinnie plans to win the prize. It's up to Thomas, Ryan, Twilight and the gang to compete in the race before Vinnie wins.


Thomas and the new arrival

Thomas is on his way to meet with Twilight and her friends in Ponyville. Then he sees a purple siren with a car chit-chating while the car is investigating some weird readings of Cybertronian Energy. Thomas calls out to the car then the car drives off with the purple siren Bertram T. Monkey in hot pursuit followed closely by Thomas. The car manages to escape by using wings. Thomas wonders who was that car. Bertram points to Twilight and the others and then they talk about the car who Thomas saw earlier. Meanwhile, Von Nebula calls Ryvine and Rothbart, telling them that they should try and help an engine named Vinnie win the Great Race of Sodor. They agree and then go to the place where the race is going to be held.

Sunset Shimmer's encounter with the Flying Scotsman

Sunset Shimmer and Cody Fairbrother check the preparations for the race, until Sunset bumps into a green tender engine. Cody saw that Sunset had bumped into the tender and goes over to help her up. The engine backs up, telling Sunset to watch where she's going. Sunset looks up and the engine is revealed to be the Flying Scotsman, with two tenders, a big boiler, ten big wheels and a big face on his front. Sunset apologizes and Scotsman forgives her. Meanwhile, Ryan is training Sci-Ryan's Dalek friend, Ex-Terminator, while Bertram is training Evil Ryan like Count Dooku training General Grievous. Then, Human Rainbow Dash bursts in, saying that they're holding a qualifier for competitors in the Great Railway Show. Twilight then says that the qualifier who runs the judging of the competitors who are in or out will be there. Thomas is busy and talks to Dusty Crophopper.

Thomas' race training with Bertram T. Monkey and the War Doctor

Thomas and Bertram, along with thier friends

Holly and Finn's research

Sci-Twi's Island Rally Song

Vinnie witnesses Sunset pony up

Indigo Zap overhears/Vinnie steals Sci-Twi's amulet

Vinnie tries to frame Thomas

Holly drains James' energy

ACADECA/Ryvine and Vinnie sings No More Mr. Nice Guy

Thomas encounters Vinnie

The Shadowbolts' conversation

Sci-Ryan and his Dalek friend's idea/Vinnie interrogates Sunny Flare

Sour Sweet's plan to stop Vinnie

"What More Is Out There?"/Thomas learns of Spencer's dark past

Vinnie destroys the equipment

Thomas wins the second race

Ryan finds Twilight

Sunset talks to Thomas

Showdown at the Sodor river bridge

Vinnie hurts Gordon/Thomas saves the day and wins the trophy

Twilight and Thomas reconcile/The other Thomas


  • will work for Vinnie and Ryvine Sparkle.



  • EG Remixed theme song
  • Friendship Games
  • Everything is Awesome
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy (sung by Ryvine and Vinnie)
  • Unleash the Magic
  • Friendship Burns Bright
  • What More Is Out There? (sung by Thomas and Vinnie)
  • Shine like Rainbows

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