Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Littlest Pet Shop: Blythe's Big Adventure is a upcoming Thomas/MLP:FIM/Littlest Pet Shop crossover to be created by Hiatt Grey.


Blythe describes her hometown to the audience, pointing out that it isn't very crowded. She mentions her love of drawing when a Frisbee lands nearby and she gets up to give it to the animals that lost it. Blythe wishes she could speak to the animals and understand them. Her father Roger mentions he has just had a promotion. Blythe is happy about this until he tells them they have to move because of his promotion, which Blythe doesn't enjoy as much...

Blythe mentions how crowded Downtown City while her dad's pilot career is explained. He feels bad for Blythe, but tries encouraging to just give this city a chance. Blythe mentions how much she hates surprises and also scolds him for not talking to her about the move first. When they arrive, they notice there is a pet shop on the bottom floor, called "Littlest Pet Shop". As Blythe watches the movers, Brittany and Whittany Biskit appear. Blythe describes them as mean girls before she denies their request to hang out with them. This makes the twins very angry, due to never being told no before. But they soon leave after they inform them that the Littlest Pet Shop will be going out of business soon.

Both Blythe and Roger discuss the Biskit twins, and as Blythe tells Roger that they seemed pretty mean, Roger mentions he had them in his day and he is really glad that Blythe isn't like that. In her new bedroom, Blythe is busy unpacking while trying to convince herself that this move will be a good thing. She decides to play her guitar in hopes of relaxing, but decides she wants to open her window first. The window won't open, so she rams the neck of her guitar between the frame and tries to open it. This opens the window, but snaps the neck off as she falls back and sees it's really a "dumbwaiter elevator thingy". She investigates and, while she is descending, she sees a spider, which startles her, causing her to fall down to the main/first floor in a huge cloud of dirty smoke! Miraculously, she is unscathed.

Blythe hears many voices, but seemingly does not notice them until all the smoke vanishes. While trying to understand this, the pets approach and they realize she's responding to them. But a shocked Blythe has no idea just what is going on, so one of the pets decides she'll sing about it and introduce the girl to them. Zoe Trent is the one singing and she introduces her friends: Pepper Clark is a comedian skunk, Vinnie is a lizard that loves to dance but he isn't very smart, Minka Mark loves art, Sunil is a very skittish magician, Penny Ling is a ribbon dancing panda, and finally there's Russell, the most serious pet in the group. After the song ends, Blythe panics and tries to leave, but she accidentally bumps into someone on the way out. We're introduced to Mrs. Twombly, in which Blythe mentions the pets were singing and dancing, but she doesn't believe her after she looks for herself to see them all playing quietly...

After she mentions that sometimes strange things happen in the shop, Blythe starts hearing a strange purring noise, later revealed to be nothing but the air conditioning, and in a fit of panic she flees the shop. Many people on the streets watch Blythe until she almost runs into a strange little dog, which comments on her crazy behavior before she takes off for home.

Meanwhile, a black vehicle crawls up to the building and a woman named Christie walks inside to speak to Mrs. Twombly about buying the shop to turn it into a Sweet Shop (introduced later as Sweet Delights) and asks when it will be closing. The pets listen to the shocking news, and Vinnie dramatically says to the other pets that they must find just one person who can understand what they are saying to help them save the shop from closing down and they interruptedly agreed. Penny tries to get them to listen to her after suggesting they go ask Blythe for help, but Russell snaps back at her. Finally, he suggests the same thing, and all the other pets agree to him by cheering, except Penny, who's been saying that the entire time, and state to Russell that she told him so.

Blythe is woken up by Russell but, until she opens her eyes, she assumes it's her dad. After screaming in shock again, then apologizing since she keeps calling him a porcupine, she asks why she can suddenly understand pets. She then watches as the pets play around in her room, messing everything up. They explain that the Pet Shop is closing and they need her help since she's the only human so far who can understand them. Blythe is momentarily interrupted when she sees how cool Zoe looks with one of her sketchbook pictures. Roger comes to check on her and he informs her that she has to get to school soon or else she'll be late. After Russell points to Blythe out that he and the other pets will have to be shipped to Largest Ever Pet Shop if she can't save the pet shop from closing, Blythe agrees to help them out.

Blythe isn't too sure she can do much to help, as Russell tells Blythe that she has to save the shop by tomorrow, which means that she only has one day left to live in the apartment. She accidentally releases the dumbwaiter rope in shock. The pets crash as the episode comes to an end.

Blythe and her dad rush out of their apartment and quickly head into the car. As they prepare to leave, she distracts him so that he doesn't see the pets trying to get her attention. Upon arrival, Blythe doesn't see the Biskit Twins spying on her as they exit their limo.

Back at the pet shop, the pets are trying to think up ideas on how Blythe can save the pet shop. Russell tries to get everyone to focus, but they're too busy practicing their talents.

Back at school, Blythe struggles to open her locker. Three classmates approach her and begin to make discussion with her. They offer help with her locker and they go on to discuss the closing of the pet shop due to the Largest Ever Pet Shop. Before they have to end the conversation, Blythe's new friends invite her to sit with them at the lunch table. She eagerly accepts the offer. Blythe's new friends see how sad she looks and they ask her about it, to which she explains that she promised to save the pet shop and so far she's not had even one idea on how to do this.

The Biskit twins come over to Blythe's table and are turned down once again. The twins toss Blythe's sketchbook to the floor, but not before looking at the drawings and making fun of them. While Blythe's new friends comment on this behavior, Blythe is suddenly inspired to save the pet shop.

After school, the pets have a hallucination about Mrs. Twombly trapping them inside the Largest Ever Pet Shop as she reveals that they were the Biskit twins in disguise. After the pets' hallucination, they scream in horror until they watch Blythe excitedly tell Mrs. Twombly her idea. The pets can't really understand them so Zoe tries to overhear them, but she misreads what she is hearing. She tries again and manages to get it right this time, finally learning that Blythe wants to put on a pet fashion show to raise money. Blythe has the pets practice their stage walk and modeling skills. Afterwards, they drive around town putting up flyers for the fashion show to save the pet shop. The Biskit twins see a flyer and amake plans to sabotage the fashion show.

Come evening, Mrs. Twombly sees how many people have showed up. Her friends come in to congratulate her, but when they mention money, she sees that every flyer says "Come Get Free Money". It only takes Blythe a minute to realize who's responsible for this.

The twins are revealed to now be in cat disguises, holding buckets of kitty litter and chocolate icing. Whittany reveals their plans: When the show's over and Blythe comes on stage for her applause, they're going to dump the icing and litter all over Blythe and the pets to humiliate her and ruin the show.

Mrs. Twombly goes out to tell the audience that there isn't any money going to be given away. A lot of them get up to leave while Blythe prepares to send the pets onto the stage. The audience begins to reconsider and they sit and watch as the petswalk down the stage and perform. As this goes on, the Biskit twins climb up the ladder and onto the top of the stage. Russell notices something and he follows the twins to see what their plans are.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Twombly insists that Blythe goes out to greet the audience, as she is the designer of the outfits. Blythe and the pets all stand together on stage as Russell proceeds to scare the twins, causing them to fall off of the stage and right in front of the audience. Russell releases their buckets, causing them to run away after everybody laughs at them. The pets and Blythe resume on stage as everybody cheers for them.

The following day, a bunch of customers are in the shop purchasing items and complimenting on how wonderful everything is now. Blythe speaks to Mrs. Twombly, who admits that because of all the sales now, she'll need help and she asks Blythe if she'd be willing to work there. Blythe eagerly accepts and she speaks to the pets, admitting how happy she was to have met them, accepting her new skills to talk to animals. A man walks over and asks her if she was just talking to the pets, to which Blythe admits she was. The man admits to doing it himself and he leaves the shop while the dog complains, due to being too old for baby talk.

The episode ends as her dad returns from work, asking, "Did I miss anything?"