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Join Thomas the Tank Engine, Twilight Sparkle, and their friends as they travel outside The Island of Sodor and Equestria together and sometimes on their own series, meeting new and old friends, fighting bitter enemies and saving the world at the same time.

This is a list of Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures films. The series is usually created by 76859Thomas, but some other films were to be created by Stuington, Hiatt Grey, Transformersprimefan, and Startug 7 with different Adventure teams.

List of Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures now available


To Be Made by 76859Thomas

To Be Made by Stuingtion

To Be Made by Hiatt Grey

To be made by Startug 7

To be made by Transformersprimefan

TV Series

To Be Made by 7869Thomas

Made by skullzproductions

Made by Hiatt Grey

Spin-off Series

To Be Made by 76859Thomas

To Be Made by skullzproductions

To Be Made by Stuingtion

​Clips used from films/Shows

  • Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  • Thomas and Friends: Hero of the Rails
  • Thomas and Friends: Misty Island Rescue
  • Thomas and Friends: Day of the Diesels
  • Thomas and Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery
  • Thomas and Friends: King of the Railway
  • Thomas and Friends: Tale of the Brave
  • Thomas and Friends: The Adventure Begins
  • Thomas and Friends (CGI Series)
  1. Thomas and the Billboard
  2. Steady Eddie
  3. Rosie's Funfair Special
  4. Mountain Marvel
  5. Henry Gets It Wrong
  6. Heave Ho, Thomas
  7. Toby's Special Surprise
  8. Excellent Emily
  9. The Party Surprise
  10. Saved You!
  11. Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
  12. James Works It Out
  13. Tram Trouble
  14. Don't Go Back
  15. Gordon Takes a Shortcut
  16. The Man in the Hills
  17. Thomas Puts the Brakes On
  18. Percy and the Bandstand
  19. Push Me, Pull You
  20. Best Friends
  21. ​Creaky Cranky
  22. The Lion of Sodor
  23. Tickled Pink
  24. Double Trouble
  25. Slippy Sodor
  26. The Early Bird
  27. Play Time
  28. Thomas and the Pigs
  29. Time for a Story
  30. Percy's Parcel
  31. Toby's New Whistle
  32. A Blooming Mess
  33. Thomas and the Runaway Kite
  34. Steamy Sodor
  35. Splish Splash Splosh
  36. The Biggest Present of All
  37. Snow Tracks
  38. Heny's Good Deeds
  39. Buzzy Bees
  40. Hiro Helps out
  41. Thomas' Tall Friend
  42. James in the Dark
  43. Pingy Pongy Pick Up
  44. Charlie and Eddie
  45. Toby and the Whispering Woods
  46. Henry's Health and Safety
  47. Diesel's Special Delivery
  48. Pop Goes Thomas
  49. Victor Says Yes
  50. Thomas in Charge
  51. Being Percy
  52. Merry Winter Wish
  53. Thomas and the Snowman Party
  54. Thomas' Crazy Day
  55. Jumping Jobi Wood
  56. Thomas and Scruff
  57. O the Indignity
  58. Jitters and Japes
  59. Merry Misty Island
  60. Henry's Magic Box
  61. Gordon and Ferdinand
  62. Toby and Bash
  63. Emily and Dash
  64. Percy's New Friends
  65. Edward the Hero
  66. James to the Rescue
  67. Happy Hiro
  68. Up, Up and Away
  69. Henry's Happy Coal
  70. Let it Snow
  71. Surprise, Surprise
  72. Spencer the Grand
  73. Stop that Bus!
  74. Stuck on You
  75. Big Belle
  76. Kevin the Steamie
  77. Wonky Whistle
  78. Percy the Snowman
  79. Tree Trouble
  80. Fiery Flynn
  81. Race to the Rescue
  82. Ol' Wheezy Wobbles
  83. Express Coming Through
  84. Percy and the Monster of Brendam
  85. Ho Ho Snowman
  86. Flash Bang Wallop!
  87. Thomas and the Rubbish Train
  88. Thomas Toots the Crows
  89. Bust My Buffers!
  90. Percy and the Calliope
  91. Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor
  92. Salty's Surprise
  93. Sodor Surprise Day
  94. Emily's Winter Party Special
  95. Muddy Matters
  96. Whiff's Wish
  97. Welcome Stafford
  98. Don't Bother Victor!
  99. Happy Birthday, Sir!
  100. The Christmas Tree Express
  101. Kevin's Cranky Friend
  102. Scruff's Makeover
  103. Wayward Winston
  104. Gordon Runs Dry
  105. Calm Down Caitlin
  106. Steamie Stafford
  107. Henry's Hero
  108. Luke's New Friend
  109. The Switch
  110. Not Now, Charlie!
  111. The Lost Puff
  112. The Thomas Way
  113. The Phantom Express
  114. Percy's Lucky Day
  115. Bill or Ben?
  116. Too Many Fire Engines
  117. No Snow for Thomas
  118. Santa's Little Engine
  119. The Missing Christmas Decorations
  120. The Frozen Turntable
  121. Away from the Sea
  122. Gone Fishing
  123. The Afternoon Tea Express
  124. The Smelly Kipper
  125. No More Mr. Nice Engine
  126. Thomas' Shortcut
  127. Old Reliable Edward
  128. Not So Slow Coaches
  129. Flatbeds of Fear
  130. Disappearing Diesels
  131. Signals Crossed
  132. Toad's Adventure
  133. Duck in the Water
  134. Duck and the Slip Coaches
  135. Thomas the Quarry Engine
  136. Thomas and the Emergency Cable
  137. Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger
  138. Marion and the Pipe
  139. Missing Gator
  140. No Steam Without Coal
  141. Spencer's VIP
  142. Toad's Bright Idea
  143. Last Train for Christmas
  144. Long Lost Friend
  145. Duncan the Humbug
  146. The Perfect Gift
  147. Marion and the Dinosaurs
  148. Millie and the Volcano
  149. Timothy and the Rainbow Truck
  150. Samson at Your Service
  151. Emily Saves the World
  152. Samson Sent for Scrap
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks
  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (TV Series)
  1. ​Friendship is Magic (The Mare in the Moon) Part 1
  2. Friendship is Magic (The Elements of Harmony) Part 2
  3. The Ticket Master
  4. Applebuck Season
  5. Griffon the Brush-Off
  6. Boast Busters
  7. Dragonshy
  8. Look Before You Sleep
  9. Bridle Gossip
  10. Swarm of the Century
  11. Winter Wrap Up
  12. Call of the Cutie
  13. Fall Weather Friends
  14. Suited for Success
  15. Feeling Pinkie Keen
  16. Sonic Rainboom
  17. Stare Master
  18. The Show Stoppers
  19. A Dog and Pony Show
  20. Green isn't you Color
  21. Over a Barrel
  22. A Bird in the Hoof
  23. The Cuite Mark Chronicles
  24. Owl's Well That Ends Well
  25. Party for One
  26. The Best Night Ever
  27. The Return of Harmony Part 1
  28. The Return of Harmony Part 2
  29. Lesson Zero
  30. Luna Eclipsed
  31. Sisterhooves Social
  32. The Cutie Pox
  33. May the Best Pet Win
  34. The Myterious Mare Do Well
  35. Sweet and Elite
  36. Secret of my Excess
  37. Hearth's Warming Eve
  38. Family Appreciation Day
  39. Baby Cakes
  40. The Last Roundup
  41. The Super Speedy Cider Squeezzy 6000
  42. Read it and Weep
  43. Hearts and Hooves Day
  44. A Freind in Deed
  45. Putting Your Hoof Down
  46. It's About Time
  47. Dragon Quest
  48. Hurricane Fluttershy
  49. Ponyville Confidential
  50. MMMystery on the Friendship Express
  51. A Canterlot Wedding Part 1
  52. A Canterlot Wedding Part 2
  53. The Crystal Empire Part 1
  54. The Crystal Empire Part 2
  55. Too Many Pinkie Pies
  56. One Bad Apple
  57. Magic Duel
  58. Sleepless in Ponyville
  59. Wonderbolts Academy
  60. Apple Family Reunion
  61. Spike at your Service
  62. Keep Calm and Flutter On
  63. Just for Sidekicks
  64. Games Ponies Play
  65. Magical Mystery Cure
  66. Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1
  67. Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2
  68. Castle-Mania
  69. Daring Don't
  70. Flight to the Finish
  71. Power Ponies
  72. Bats!
  73. Rarity Takes Manehattan
  74. Pinkie Apple Pie
  75. Rainbow Falls
  76. Three's a Crowd
  77. Pinkie Pride
  78. Simple Ways
  79. Filli Vanilli
  80. Twilight Time
  81. It's Ain't Easy Being Breezies
  82. Somepony to Watch Over Me
  83. Maud Pie
  84. For Whom the Sweetie Bells Toils
  85. Leap of Faith
  86. Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3
  87. Trade Ya
  88. Inspiration Manifestation
  89. Equestria Games
  90. Twilight's Kingdom Part 1
  91. Twilight's Kingdom Part 2
  92. Cutie Markless Part 1
  93. Cutie Markless Part 2
  94. Castle Sweet Castle
  95. Bloom and Gloom
  96. Tanks for the Memories
  97. Appleoosa's Most Wanted
  • ​My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Fan Made Episode - Double Rainboom


  • There wil be five different adventure teams in 76859Thomas, Stuingtion, Hiatt Grey, Startugs 7, and Transformerprimefan's Series.
  • 76859Thomas will be using the UK Version of Thomas & Friends in his series, While Stuingtion, Hiatt Grey, Startugs 7, and Transformerprimefan will be using the US Version in there series.
  • Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue, Thomas & Friends: Series 13, Thomas & Friends: Series 14 and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Series 1 were all released in 2010.
  • In 76859Thomas' series, all the engines and ponies will be the same size as the humans.
  • Like DisneyDaniel93, TheLionKingRulez, CoolZDane and MichaelCityMaker's series, 76859Thomas' series will be sensible, friendly and normal as 76859Thomas have followed Pooh's Adventures Rules.
  • In 76859Thomas' series, the trains and the ponies are just friends, But in Stuingtion and Hiatt Grey's Series, the trains and the ponies are couple.
  • Stuingtion, Hiatt Grey, Transformersprimefan's series will be full of all kinds of alternaitve just like FantasyFilms2011 such as:
  1. Love couple between trains and ponies.
  2. Weapons and Lightsaber giving to trains.
  3. Trains becomes Transformers
  4. Keep using Twilight as a unicorn (Until in Brian Griffin's Adventures of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Twilight's Kingdom, she's an alicorn).
  5. Made up trains and pony characters.
  6. Even killing villains like Diesel 10, but bring him back to life.

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