Thomas and Twilight Sparkle play on The Sandlot is an upcoming Thomas/MLP/20th Century Fox crossover to be made by Hiatt Grey.


In the San Fernando Valley during the summer in the early 1960s, protagonist Scotty Smalls moves to a new town with his mother and stepfather, and attempts to joins a neighborhood baseball team who plays in a local sandlot. With the help of team captain Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez, known as Benny by the others, Scotty becomes a proficient player. Scotty joins his new friends on their many misadventures including being banned from the pool, besting a snooty long-time rival team, and getting sick on one of the rides at an amusement park.

He then learns that many of the team's baseballs have ended up in Mr. Mertle's junkyard over the sandlot's back fence, which is protected by a giant dog known as "The Beast", who had allegedly eaten a kid foolish enough to enter it. One day, when Benny hits the hide off of the team's last ball, Scotty substitutes one from his stepfather's prized collection. When this too is lost over the fence, Scotty reveals that the ball is special. To the team's horror, they learn the ball has Babe Ruth'sautograph, making it valuable, but Scotty didn't know that at the time. The team constructs a progressively complex series of machines to recover it remotely, but each attempt ends in failure, while the ball itself grows increasingly damaged due to attention from the Beast.

While Scotty prepares to face certain discipline from his stepfather for the loss of the signed baseball, Benny has a dream where Babe Ruth encourages him to follow his heart. Inspired by his idol, the next day Benny climbs the fence, resolving to retrieve the ball himself, but he is confronted by the Beast, a large English Mastiff. After recovering the ball, he leads the Beast on a lengthy chase around the neighborhood, which ends with the sandlot fence's collapse, which pins the dog. Overcoming their fear of the dog, Scotty and Benny free the Beast, and return the dog to its owner, Mr. Mertle, who reveals that he wasn't the kind of person the team thought he was. Understanding Scotty's predicament with the now-damaged ball, Mr. Mertle reveals himself as a retired Negro League baseball player who knew Babe Ruth personally, and offers Scotty another baseball signed by the entire 1927 Yankees team, including Ruth. Scotty presents the second signed baseball to his stepfather, causing him to be grounded for only one week for stealing the original autographed ball.

The sandlot kids continue playing baseball over the summers, joined by the Beast, now known by his real name of Hercules, as the team's mascot. The kids eventually grow up, and Benny is revealed to have become a star MLB player (earning the nickname "The Jet Rodriguez"), while Scotty has become a sports announcer.