Thomas and his Hero Friends is a new fanmade Thomas episode.


Thomas, James and Percy are inspired by Thomas' comic and become superheroes for the day. But the people they "rescue" aren't grateful at all. The three superhero wannabes are soon called into a real adventure: Saving Bill, who is buried beneath a rock slide.


One day Thomas finds a comic book and decides to read it. After that, he decides to show James and Percy. The three decide to become Superheroes, with Thomas being the fastest, Percy being the strongest and James being the smartest. But they are made fun of and dismissed as only pretending. Percy then gets an idea to try helping others, so the three split up to find others to help. Thomas finds Porter at the docks, who he believes needs help. However, he ends up making a big mess due to not listening to Porter's instructions to go slow. James arrives at the Quarry and finds Mavis, who he thinks is in danger. However James ends up causing more trouble for her. Percy arrives at the shunting where he finds Philip, who he believes is stuck between two lines of trucks. But he ends up getting tired out, and Phillip scolds him for trying to carry so much weight. Percy rejoins Thomas and James, and the three are devastated. But then they hear a call for help. They follow it to the Clay Pits where Bill is stuck between some rocks and unable to move. Percy suggests they ask for help but Thomas believes they should help Bill. Together, the three engines



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