This is the scene where Thomas and his friends become Trainbots in Thomas' Place as a Prime.

[the beam hits the ground]

???: We've been watching you for a long, long time young Thomas.

[then 10 robots come down and land on the ground]

Brian: [as Rick O'Connel] Who the hell are these guys?

Tune: It's the other Train-Primes.

Train-Prime #1: You are finding out your place as a Prime, and now you are to discover it.

Train-Prime #2: You have fought for your friiends and the world. With courage and sacrifice.

Train-Prime #3: You stayed loyal to our code, and put your friends' lives before yours. You have proven yourself to be a true Prime.

Thomas: I did?

Train-Prime #4: Yes.

Train-Prime #1: Your Destiny is to be the Last Train-Prime.

Train-Prime #5: Now, you and your friends must stop Megatrain from being his army back.

Thomas: But, I'm not a robot.

Train-Prime #6: You must try, it's dosen't matter if you are a robot.

Train-Prime #7: But now you will become one, as well as your friends.

Train-Prime #8: The Blue Ruby, Black Pearl, and the Matrix have the power to turn you into robots.

Train-Prime #9: It just had to be discovered. And now it is.

Train-Prime #10: Our time here is up.

Thomas: Will I see you guys again?

Train-Prime #10: You'll see us again, when the times come.

Train-Prime #2: Now the power will be put into action.


[The Train-Primes then float back up onto the sky and the beam disappears]

Princess Luna: Whoa, I have never seen anything like that in years!

[then the Matrix, and the Gems glow brightly.]

Brian: What's happining?

[Then the Matrix and gems start rising. As they rise Thomas and some of his friends are lifted by a arua and rise too]

Vanellope: What's with all the magic sparkles?

[Then Thomas and his friends, start to turn into Trainbots]

Princess Celestia: [looks in suprise]

Brian: Oh my, God.

[Then Thomas and his friends come down. They are now robots]

Percy: Whoa! This is amazing!

Thomas: We're robots Percy!

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