Thomas and the Christmas Disaster is the twelth episode of the first season of Thomas' Adventures Chronicles.


It was nearly Christmas on Sodor. On Christmas Eve, The Fat Controller have Thomas a special. Thomas was to take a Christmas tree to Canterlot to celebrate Christmas (or Heart's Warming Eve the ponies calls it). Princess Irene, Curdie, Butch and Toad were to go with him to make sure the tree delieverd safely.

However Oliver and Toad are stuck in the snow on their way to Thomas, so Thomas will have go on without a brake van and what's worse the line tey were to take were blocked with snow too. But Thomas noitce an old track that goes up into the mountains which hasn't been used for a very lone time. With no choice Thomas, Princess Irene, Curdie and Butch decided to go down the old track.

Disaster soon strikes when They went down the wrong track and Thomas bumped into the buffers and was hanging over the edge. Butch have to come off the flatbed and helpThomas to safey. Once back on the right track they came across an old rickety bridge which goes over the frozen lake. Halfway across the bridge started to shake and crumbled. The Second Flatbed with the tree was pulling everyone back towards the broken piece of track. They managed to get back on firmground just in time but the Christmas tree fallen of the flatbed and into the lake and sank beneath the ice.

Sad that the tree is gone they carried on down the mountain to Canterlot thinking what would happened if they arrived with no tree. As they went on they came across fallen tree blocking their line. Then Thomas realise the tree looks just a christmas tree. So they loaded the fallen tree onto the faltbed and went on their journey down the mountains. But one more disaster was up ahead as Thomas' cotter pin of the throttle sheers off. Moving at extreme speed, the train becomes a roller coaster as it crosses Glacier Gulch, and enters another frozen lake. The lost cotter pin pierces the ice, causing it to crack. Princess Irene uses one of her hairpin to repair the throttle. As the ice cracks, Thomas and the others managed to get to the other side of the tracks determined not to loose another tree, and does successfully before the icy lake shatters completely.

At Canterlot Percy, Twilight, their friends and the princesses wondered where could they have gone. But Soon Thomas, Princess Irene, Curdie and Butch arrived safely and told them about about their adventures in the mountains and how they found a tree up there after they lost the last one which surprised everyone cause they never be able to get a tree from that mountain before.

As soon as the tree was decorated and everyone have a wonderful Christmas (or Heart's Warming) Party ever.


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