Thomas and the Ghostlight is a new short film.


Thomas is always pulling pranks on the other engines. However, when Salty shares the story of the Ghostlight, Thomas is instantly scared. That night, Thomas lets his imagination run away with him as the engines decide to prank him back... using a blue lamp as the Ghostlight!


The film begins on Sodor at night and Percy is pulling the mail train when he feels something pulling him back. He looks behind him and sees nothing. He goes to continue on his way when he is pulled back again. It's actually Thomas hiding behind some bushes and pulling him backwards with a rope attached to the brakevan and his rear buffer. Thomas then pranks Luigi and Guido by jumping out of their tire-model of the Roman Coliseum, causing them to faint. Thomas then pranks Sally and Twilight by dressing up as a Cone Vampire. He later tries to scare Lizzie, which proves unsuccessful as she is a heavy sleeper. Meanwhile, Fillmore is putting cans of organic fuel away, when Thomas adds an extra to the row. Fillmore takes the next one in and then comes back to find dozens of cans outside courtesy of Thomas. At Flo's V8 Cafe, the cars and engines are hanging out. James comments on what a wonderful night it is then he sees some cans stacked up to look like Thomas. James hopes that Thomas isn't trying to scare him. However, as soon as James says this, Thomas appears behind him and blows his whistle, causing James to freak out and knock into the can stack and reveal that it was a wooden cutout of Thomas behind them. Thomas and the other engines laugh at James, and Thomas says he looks like he saw the Ghostlight. This causes Sheriff to tell Thomas not to mock the urban legend. James then asks what the Ghostlight is, much to everyone's shock and surprise. Salty told them the Ghostlight is a glowing orb of blue translucent light that haunts Radiator Springs. Thomas tells James not to be too scared and claims it isn't real. Salty says it is real and proceeds to tell of it's origins. As Salty shares his tale,



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