Thomas and the Great EG caper is a new movie.


Thomas recieves a call from his other Twilight Sparkle girlfriend Sci-Twi telling him to come back to the human world because of an emergency but he mustn't tell anyone he's really a tank engine and a prime. He, Sunset, Cody, Ryan and the Dazzlings head there with Sci-Ryan to find her and discuss the matter about some strange tall dark figure offering her friends their friendship in return for their assistance for Ryvine. They have to try to find a way to solve the mystery, Hawk Moth is turning Sci-Twi's friends into former supervillains working for him.


Hawk Moth's discovery

Hawk Moth is with Hope, Ryvine and Rothbart trying to plan revenge on Solo and his friends. Ryvine looks at the photo of the Crystal Prep Shadowbolts and show it to Hawk Moth and Hope saw that they could


  • Bloom (Winx Club), will be good guest stars in this film.
  • This marks the first appearance of Sci-Ryamy Weather.
  • Hope (MLP), Ryvine Sparkle, Rothart,will work for Hawk Moth.


  • Welcome to the Show


List of characters that got akumized by Hawk Moth

  1. Sierra
  2. Indigo Zap

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