This is how Thomas experiences the fight between Wu and Garmadon in Thomas and the Masters of Spinjitzu.

[Thomas walks through the Monastery and into a room where he sees Garmadon take the Sword of Fire and the Nun-chucks of Lightening off the wall]

Thomas: Uh, Garmadon? Those are for display only you know.

[Garmadon turns around, revealing that his eyes are red]

Garmadon: Tell me, what good is a weapon when all it's used for is collecting dust?

Thomas: Garmadon, don't be a fool. Your father warned you that they're power is beyond anyone ma...

[Garmadon jumps on Thomas, sending him flying. Thomas lands on his back]

Garmadon: Father was the fool!

Thomas: How dare you speak so lowly of your dad! You and Wu made him a promise. These weapons shall not leave this monastery!

Garmadon: Then, I shall destroy it and all who stand in my way!

[Garmadon shoots a fire ball at Thomas, which is knocked out of the way by a bamboo stick. Thomas looks up and sees Wu standing above him, now twice as young]

Wu: Garmadon, stop!

[Garmadon fires the sword again. Wu jolts back as the flame hits his stick, breaking it in two. The flame then hits the wall, knocking the Scythe of Quakes and Surikens of Ice off. Wu picks them up and Garmadon charges. Garmadon throws the sword and Wu fends the attack off with the Scythe. Garmadon throws the sword down again and Wu jumps and throws down the Scythe, knocking Garmadon off his feet]

Wu: Put those weapons down!

Garmadon: You mean like this?

[Thomas rushes out and attempts to break them up]

Thomas: Enough, you two! Stop it! Stop it!

[A bolt of energy from the weapons jolts upwards turning the clouds above black. Garmadon walks up to Wu, raising the Sword of Fire]

Garmadon: Goodbye, brother.

Thomas: Garmadon, do not do this.

[Thomas' symbol creates a light beam that propels a lightning bolt onto Garmadon turning him into his darker self. Gamadon teers on the edge of the now broken ground and falls. Wu runs to grab his hand but it's too late]

Thomas: NO! Garmadon, no!

[Thomas' eyes turn white and he is wisked back into reality where all his friends are staring at him quizzacly.]

Thomas: Why are you all looking at me like that?

James: Nothing. It's just you were murmuring to yourself.

Ryan F-Freeman: Fluttershy did this all the time. I mean with you howling like a loon.

Thomas: I know. But this time, I saw Wu and Garmadon, their past selves really, figthing.

Twilight Sparkle: Really?

Thomas: Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. I guess if Garmadon

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