This is how Thomas finds Predaking and Unicron VS Thomas goes in Thomas' Adventures of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising.

Thomas: Predaking.

Predaking: Yes?

[Unicron interrupts]

Unicron: Hello, Train-Prime.

Thomas: Unicron.

[The two begin fighting]

Unicron: Where's your Alicorn girlfriend? How about when I've defeated you, I pay her a visit.

Thomas: I'll never let you beat me!

[Thomas manages to defeat Unicron]

Thomas: Release Megatron! Now!

[Megatron is able to gain momentary control]

Megatron: Train-Prime! Help me!

Thomas: Megatron?! Is that you?! Megatron?!

[Unicron regains control and punches Thomas backwards]

Unicron: When I'm through with you, I'll pay your Alicorn girlfriend a visit.

Thomas: I won't let that happen!

[Thomas managed to defeat Unicron again]

Unicron: Grrr.

Ryan F-Freeman: [in Royal Canterlot voice] HEY, UNICRON!!!!

[Big Hero 6 and Baymax arrive]

Unicron: What are you going to tell Twilight when I tell you I have her sister-in-law at my side thanks to Mata Nui's brother, Makuta Teridax?

Thomas: [gasps] You have Cadance with you? Why, when Twilight hears about this, she is going to be so mad, she's gonna...

Ryan F-Freeman: Take that! [hits Megatron on the head with his Keyblade]

Hiro: Baymax rocket fist!

GoGo Tomago: Heads up!

Wasabi: Laser hands coming through!

Fredzilla: Incoming!

Honey Lemon: Oh, yeah.

Ryan F-Freeman: [still hitting Megatron's head with his Keyblade] Megatron! You are being controlled by Unicron! I have to stop him!

[In Megatron's mind]

Megatron: Ryan? Is he going to be a Prime soon?

Unicron: My brother's student?

Megatron: Yes. He has got what it takes to become a Prime.

Unicron: So. This techno-organic wants to become a Prime, eh? Well not on my watch.

[In reality]

Unicron: You shall not defeat me!

[Despite using his Dark Energon weapons, Unicron is defeated by the combined might of Thomas, Ryan, and Big Hero 6]

Unicron: How is this possible?

Ryan F-Freeman: There's one magic you don't have, Unicron. And that is the Magic of Friendship!!

Unicron: Friendship is nothing but a new form of imprisonment.

Ryan F-Freeman: I will prove you wrong, you monster!

Thomas: The heroes will win.

Unicron: You don't have enough power.

Thomas: We do too.

Ryan F-Freeman: Dark Ryan will control me, Unicron. He will always be a part of me!

Unicron: Look. I can tell you about my and your mentor's story.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah.

[In Megatron's mind]

Megatron: You're going to tell Ryan a story? Why?

Unicron: Ryan and these 6 heroes haven't heard my story. So for that, I will tell them.

Megatron: You are quiet a nice one when you think about it. And I do think about what Ryan did.

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