This is how Thomas loses his memory goes in Thomas Who?.


[Thomas puffs to the quarry]

Thomas: Hello, Mavis, Bill, Ben, Timothy.

Timothy: Hello, Thomas. We've got lots of trucks to shunt today.

Thomas: I can tell. I'd better get busy.

[an instrumental of Blue Mountain Quarry plays as Thomas, Bill & Ben, Timothy and Mavis shunt the trucks around]

Bill: I'm faster than you, Ben.

Ben: No you aren't!

[they race by with trucks with stone in]

[Ben slams on his brakes but does it too hard and a huge stone comes flying out of one of his trucks and hits Thomas hard on the head and damaging his funnel and smokebox]

Mavis & Timothy: Thomas!!! [they race over]

Bill & Ben: Sorry! [they race over too]

Mavis: Thomas, are you alright?

Thomas: Whh... who's... [passes out]

Timothy: Oh, dear. We'd better get to the Steamworks. Fast!

[They take Thomas to the Steamworks]

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