This is where the Thomas meets Sailor John, Skiff and the Nighttime Villains and shows his robot self scene goes in The PJ Masks' Adventures of Thomas and Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.


[That night, Thomas is asleep. He is then awoken by a strange rumbling noise]

Thomas: [gasp and notices something behind him] What's that?

[Night Ninja, Romeo, Skiff & Sailor John sail by behind him]

[Luna Girl follows on her Luna board]

Thomas: A ghost boat?

[Thomas, Connor, Greg and Amaya follow the object]

Amaya: What could it be?

Connor: I don't know. We better keep following it and find out.

[Thomas, Connor, Greg and Amaya follow the object into the danger zone]

Greg: It looks like a sailing boat.

Thomas: [gasps] You're right, Greg. [Comes closer] That's not a ghost boat, he's got wheels.

[Thomas knocks over a danger sign, alerting a figure standing near the hole to his, Connor, Greg and Amaya's position]

[The kids gasp]

Sailor John: Well, blow me down. Who are you lot? And what are you all doin' sneakin' about after me?

Connor: My name's Connor.

Greg: I'm Greg.

Amaya: I'm Amaya.

Thomas: and I'm Thomas. I discovered that cavern. And the pirate ship, even though Rocky's taken the credit for it.

[Connor, Amaya & Greg notice their enemies]

Romeo (PJ Masks): So, you're Thomas, eh?. Good to meet you. I'm Romeo.

Thomas: Who are those two with you, Romeo?

Night Ninja: I'm Night Ninja and these are my helpers the Ninjalinos.

Luna Girl: I'm Luna Girl.

Thomas: Nice to meet you all.

Connor: [Whispers to Greg and Amaya] Why are they being nice to him?

Amaya: Beats me.

Greg: I think its weird.

Sailor John: My name's John. Sailor John. That's what people round these parts like to call me anyway.

Skiff: And my name's Skiff. We're trying to find the treasure.

[Sailor John thumps him]

Thomas: Treasure? What treasure?

Luna Girl: You know, the stuff pirates buried and left behind but always came back for.

Night Ninja: Anyways, you wouldn't happen to know anything about OpThomas Prime, would you?

Thomas: Yeah. As a matter of fact, I do.

[Thomas transforms into his robot form]

Romeo (PJ Masks): Wow!

Night Ninja: That's cool.

Luna Girl: My uncle once taught a class about robotics, in somewhere called San Fransokyo. That's where I learnt how to make my Luna Board, and my Luna Magnet.

Thomas: Then, where did you get those moths?

Luna Girl: Oh. My uncle got me them for my birthday.

Thomas: Who... is your uncle?

Luna Girl: Professor Robert Callaghan.

[A plot hole opens and Callaghan, dressed as Yokai, comes out]

Robert Callaghan: Stop calling me uncle, Luna Girl!

Luna Girl:

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