This is where Thomas meets Toothless the Night Fury in Dragon Test.

Thomas: Wow. This place is beautiful.

[He hears a noise]

Thomas: Hiccup, what was that?

Hiccup: That was my friend. Toothless.

Thomas: Toothless?

[Hiccup sticks his fingers in his mouth and whistles for Toothless]

Toothless: [purrs quietly]

Pinkie Pie: [whispers nervously] D-d-dragon!

Hiccup: You don't need to be afraid. He's friendly.

[Hiccup pats Toothless]

Thomas: Why do you call him that?

Hiccup: [holds up a fish] Show them Toothless.

[Toothless opens his mouth revealing that he has no teeth]

Thomas: Oh. That's why.

[Toothless then brings out his teeth and eats the fish]

Fluttershy: [steps forward anxiously] Hello. I'm Fluttershy.

[Toothles purrs]

Thomas: I'm Thomas A.K.A OpThomas Prime.

Toothless: [purrs while walking towards Thomas]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hello, Toothless. I'm Ryan.

[Ryan holds out his hand and Toothless licks it]

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks. I never see a Night Fury before.

Thomas: He likes you, Ryan.

Hiccup: That's why I brought you all here.

Thomas: What?

Ryan F-Freeman: What?

Matau T. Monkey: What?

Crash Bandicoot: What?

Hiccup: I brought you here to teach you how to train dragons.

Spike: Sweet Celestia, seriously?

Jessica Fairbrother: He's right, Spike.

Thomas: I've always wanted to train a dragon.


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