This is how Thomas releases Starlight, Fluttershy, and Twilight's protoplasms goes in Thomas and the Curse of the Makuta.

[Thomas huffs to the vat]

Starlight Glimmer's soul: Thomas. Thomas. Thomas.

Thomas: Starlight. I'll save you.

[Thomas lifts Starlight's soul from the vat]

Starlight Glimmer's soul: Oh, thanks Thomas. Oh, am I glad to see you. Now let me go so I can return to my body.

[Thomas lets Starlight's protoplasm go]

Starlight Glimmer's soul: I always knew you were a hero, Thomas.

[Starlight's demon-possessed body prepares to go inside the mansion]

[Starlight's soul heads toward her body]

Starlight Glimmer's soul: Yahoo!

[Starlight's soul re-enters her body and her neck glows green and a demon pops out of her body]

[The demon roars and prepares to attack when it grows pocks and explodes]

[As the demon disappears into nothingness, Starlight gets an idea]

[Thomas sees Fluttershy's soul and picks it up]

Fluttershy's soul: Thomas can you tell me what happened?

Thomas: Fluttershy. You're a protoplasmic head.

Fluttershy's soul: I know. But I'm still the kindest protoplasmic head here.

[Thomas lets go of Fluttershy's protoplasm]

[Fluttershy's soul screams while flying]

Fluttershy's soul: How do you drive this thing?

Possessed Fluttershy: The ritual is about to be performed. Get everything you can for the ceremony.

Fluttershy's soul: On your right. To the left.

[Fluttershy's protoplasm tries to re-enter her body]

[Then Fluttershy's protoplasm bumps into a door and goes bouncing around the room]

[Thomas lifts Twilights soul from the vat]

Twilight Sparkle's soul: Put me back, Thomas. I'll figure a way out myself.

Thomas: How are you going to do that?

Twilight Sparkle's soul: Maybe if I can stretch my tongue, I might be able to get my body back.

[Thomas lets go of Twilight's protoplasm]

[Thomas sees the Daemon Ritus on the table]

[Starlight sees the shining suits of armor as she enters the mansion and sees a protoplasm and enters the mansion and sees the possessed Twilight Sparkle]

Starlight Glimmer: Uh yo yo you yo.

[The possessed Twilight walks to Starlight]

[Starlight shoves the possessed Twilight over into a room]

Possessed Twilight Sparkle: You'll pay for th...

[The protoplasm enters Twilight's body and Twilight starts to move around]

[Starlight shuts the door and watches Twilight move around]

[Starlight gallops to the window]

[Twilight's neck glows green and a demon pops out of her body]

[The demon growls at Twilight and starts to attack her]

[Twilight shivers in fear as the demon comes closer]

Starlight Glimmer: You could use a little sunlight.

[Starlight opens the blindfolds and the demon screams as it explodes]