Thomas the tank Engine meets Dumbo is Freddieholc1's first ever Thomas the Tank Engine's Adventures series. It appeared on Youtube 24/11/2011

Thomas and his freinds James, Percy, Toby, Emily, Bash, Dash and Ferdinand help Dumbo renuited with his mother Mrs. Jumbo with the help of Timothy Q Mouse and teach Dumbo using his big ears to fly.


  • This will be the first Thomas the tank engine's Adventure Series using CGI series instead of Model Series.
  • When I see an Elephant Fly will sung by Josh Gracin during the credits.
  • This will feature Thomas and his friends' Voices in the UK version.
  • Thomas, Percy, James and Toby already know Dumbo and the Ringmaster before in thenewtrainboy54's Film Thomas' Adventures of Disney's Villains' Revenge
  • Edward was originally planned to be with Thomas and his Friends, but freddieholc1 decided to cut him out, because he wasn't right for the movie.
  • It's revealed that Casey Jr. is the Cousin of Bash and Dash.

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