This is how Thomas trains and Thomas and James' argument goes in The Return of Unicron.

[Thomas blasts a target with his gun]

Arcee: Thomas, we need a plan. We need to be ready for anything.

Thomas: I know. I think better when I'm training!

[He blasts another target and then sees James having a massage]

James: A little more to the left, Sweetie Belle.

[Thomas fires his gun and the target is blown up and Sweetie Belle runs off, the blast having nearly hit her]

James: Hey, you ruined my mid-day massage.

Thomas: Most of Earth is without power, Twilight's been turned evil, dark magic may be lose. Don't you see we're dealing with epic, life-faultering events here?!

James: Of course. Do you know how tense I am right now? I have a knot in my shoulder the size of a grape-fruit.

Thomas: I don't have time to massage your ego. We need to train. [blasts the bench James is sitting on and he falls off]

[James transforms, brings out his plasma-cannon and they begin shooting at each other]

James: Who put you in charge? You're not the boss of me. [fires at Thomas who dodges and counter-fires]

Thomas: I'm the only one here who truly lives by the Code of the Primes.

[Arcee watches them]

Arcee: Boys, boys. This is totally unproductive. Bulkhead, a little help here.

Bulkhead: [lifts Thomas and James to break them up] Come on, guys. You're making me go all soft.

James: I see you had to call for reinforcements. Not something a true leader would do.

Thomas: At least I'm not lying around rubbing people the wrong way.

[The two continue to fight and bicker as Bulkhead still holds them. Arcee leaves to have some time alone. Meanwhile, with Spike and Ratchet]

Spike the Dragon: Radar helmets checked out. Now what?

Ratchet: We'll need these Mini-Cons to split up and search around Ponyville to figure out the location of that weird signal.

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