Toby in Quarantine is the tenth episode of the first season of Thomas' Adventures Chronicles.


The engines are all very hot and bothered, they have all been put on examination duties after some diesels from the other railways are found to have infections and diseases that could cause an illness to the rest of the engines and also, the loyal citezens of Sodor.  When Toby is asked to take some fuel to the newcomers, he struggles to control his engine, which has become old and in need to attention, but, when an accident involving both he and Henry causes delay, Toby soon thinks that he shall be scrapped for being old and clapped out, but Thomas reassures him that Sir Topham Hatt still thinks he is loyal to the railway, even when he prevents Thomas from almost being stranded in quarantine for fourty days! 


  • Thomas, Twilight Sparkle, Percy, Pinkie Pie, Toby, James, Rarity, Henry, Fluttershy, Gordon, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rocky, Devious Diesel, Burke and Blair, Sir Topham Hatt, Princess Celestia, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa are guest starring in this episode.
  • This episode is based on Tugs episode - Quarantine.

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