Here's how Negamus Prime and Percy's battle goes in Wrath of the Country.

[But suddenly, before he can shoot Twilight, another Knight comes alive]

Jedi Knight Prime: Protect the staff!

[Soon the soldiers fire as another one appears behind the other knight, but something fires at them and the other knight is killed by a lightsaber and it reveals to be Thomas!]

Brian: Oh, my God, Thomas.

Twilight: You came back! [then notices the red scar] Wait, what happen to your face?

Thomas: Don't ask why I came back and how I got this! I've came for that staff your holding, Earthling.

Brian: What?

Twilight: Huh?

[Thomas extinguishes his lightsaber, and walks towards Twilight]

Thomas: Give me the staff.

Twilight: Thomas, what are you talking about? It's me. Twilight!

Thomas: [slams his fist] You dare question me?! I fight for my own kind now!

Sylveon: What?

Brian: This isn't you, Thomas.

Twilight: I don't believe it. You've changed. [voice breaking] I don't know you anymore. Thomas, you're breaking my heart. Stop! Please! You have a loving daughter, Nyx, and a Padawan, Rosie! Thomas, please, come back to me! I love you!

[But Thomas just ignores her]

Thomas: Give me the staff, Twilight. Or die.

Twilight: (with teary eyes) Thomas!

Brian: Twilight, give it to him.

Twilight: What? Brian are you...

Brian: Just give it to him now!

[Twilight stares at Thomas and after a moment, Twilight gives it to Thomas.]

[But Kallus fires at Thomas as the others do the same. But Thomas blasts them]

Optimus: Thomas, stop!

[But Thomas grabs Optimus and flips him over]

Thomas: You dare to challenge me?!

[He leaves the room]

Edd: Something's wrong. That's not Thomas!

Brian: We got to stop him! 

Twilight: I'll do it.

Percy: No. I'll do it. He's been my best friend ever since I met him. And I'm the one who should face him.

Optimus: Percy, be careful.

Percy: I will. [draws his energy axe]

Brian: Sylveon, you and Vinny, get back to the sub.

Sylveon: What about you?

Brian: We're going after Thomas.

Sylveon: What?

Brian: Just go.

Sylveon: No, I'm not leaving you!

Vinny: [grabs her] Sylveon, come on! Get to the sub! Let's go!

Optimus: I'm coming as well.

Alex: Alright, let's head back to the subs! Contact on the top and tell them we lost the weapon.

[The soldiers leave but Alex stays behind]

Kallus: You heard him back to the sub.

Twilight: Aren't you going with them?

Alex: I'm gonna help you find him.

Spike: But I don't understand. Why is Thomas being this way?

Shai-Shay: I think I know guys, Angel Death.

["Rift" begins playing]

Willy: Angel Death?

The engines: Angel Death?!

Dusten: Oh God, this is more serious than we thought.

Princess Luna: Who's Angel Death?

Mucker: She's the creator of the Trainsformers.

The royals: What?

Sharky: Yeah, during the great battle with the Deceptitrains all those years ago, we've encountered her and try to destroy her, but she vanished. She's a witch!

Cadance: Are you sure about this?

Uray: Yes, we are

Sheema: Wait a minute. Remember when Krone told us that Thomas wasn't the only Train Prime? I think she was talking about Angel Death!

J.J.: Oh shoot, I think you're right, Sheema! Only thing is, I don't think Krone really knew who Angel Death really was.

Gustis: Well, if that's the case, then that means Thomas probably flew to where Angel Death is located!

Twilight: (gasps) You don't think that...

Brian: She planned on using...

Everyone present: THOMAS!!!

Twilight: Oh no, if Thomas has been manipulated by Angel Death, then he...

Spike: He has been seduced by the Dark Side!

Zip: Wait guys, remember the TBC incident where Shutdown was after Thomas? Angel Death must have done that! She must have sent him to go after Thomas, and make him bring him to her, so she could make him her servant! And I think that she met Galvatrain and turned him back into Megatrain!

Shining Armor: I think you could be right, Zip!

Cadance: What are we gonna do?

Mucker: There is one thing we can do. [he opens a chest and it shows the ooze] One sip, and we'll transform into Trainbots. We'll be the same on the inside, but we'll be different on the outside.

Princess Celestia: This is a path you must all take. The choice is your's alone.

Sharky: Well, bottoms up.

[Soon after a minute, Mucker gives the tube to Willy. But soon after looking at it, he throws it at a wall]

[And now, the ship is rising and we see Percy chasing after Thomas as they get knocked down by the sub. And now the ship rises out of the water, and Thomas and Percy jump out of the water and Percy swings his axe to hit Thomas' face and slams his head on the ship. And we see Brian, Twilight, and Alex struggling up to get to the top]

Alex: Come on! We got to keep going!

[They are now on the surface]

Brian: Holy shoot! This thing's moving!

Twilight: Look! [points to Thomas and Percy] There they are!

Brian: Come on, let's go!

[They run towards them as the ship is wobbling but then a big wave arrives]

Alex: Watch out! A wave!

Twilight: Whoa!

[They get splashed down as Brian slides down, but Alex dives in and grabs his hand. It goes back to Thomas and Percy as they clash their lightsabers. And they come into a blade lock]

Percy: Thomas, you got to snap out of it! It's me! Percy! Your best friend!

Thomas: I don't have any friends, Percy! You're not my friend! I am Negamas Prime! [grabs his throat] And you are nothing! [throws him]

Percy: Then I shall do what I must. [deploys his face shield]

[We see a battleship nearby the ship and we see jets flying pass]

Pilot #1: Lightning four has visual on OpThomas.

[Brian and Twilight run to Thomas]

Brian: Thomas! Thomas stop it!

[Twilight climbs on top of him]

Twilight: Thomas! Look at me! You can't do this!

[Percy jumps over and hits Thomas' face with his axe. He grabs to axe to shoot Percy, but he misses and Percy kicks him down and was about to hit him again when a wave splashes him down as they slide down, and Percy fist punches Thomas and the ship rises higher, and Brian and Twilight slide down, and Thomas grabs Percy's throat and slams him on the wall and Brian and Twilight slide down towards him, as Thomas is fist punching him, and tries to stab Percy's face but deploys his face shield. But Thomas tears it off, ready to strike again]

Brian: Thomas!

Twilight: NO!!!

[When Thomas is about to kill Percy, but then...]

Percy: Thomas the Tank Engine. It is I, your oldest friend: "Percy". I would lay down my life, if I were you.

[Soon Thomas stops and his eyes to back to normal]

Thomas: Percy. [his scar disappears] Twilight, Brian, guys. I'm so glad to see you again.

Twilight: Thomas! You're back! Thomas?

Thomas: [drops his lightsaber and gets on his knees] What have I done?

["Rule the World" begins playing]

[Then suddenly Megatrain, Hunter, and Starsmoke appear and fire a rocket]

Everyone: Gah!

Hunter: Congratulations Prime! You've just blew your chance to kill Unicrane!

Megatrain: I knew you couldn't do it! [takes the staff from Thomas] Your time is up, OpThomas! You're a failure! [kicks his stomach] You've turned your back on Cybertrain! Now, you will watch your planet be destroyed!

[They transform and fly away]

Twilight: No!

[Just then the Insect Bots in their robot form appear as Clocker, Vinny, the royals, and Sylveon appear]

Clocker: Oh, dear.

Cadance: What's wrong?

Clocker: Not going so well.

[Soon the knights start attacking Thomas]

Sylveon: BRIAN!!!

Hornet: You betrayed your own kind!

Brian: Thomas! You gotta get up!

Mantis: You've chosen the wrong side.

Thomas: I can't. They're going to kill me.

Spike: You have to make them stop!

Twilight: Yeah, Thomas! Please! You gotta get up!

Thomas: No, guys. Maybe it's better this way.

Antor: Angel Death is nothing, BUT A LIAR!!! [slashes Thomas with his sword]

Beetle: She cast you under a spell! [hits him with his axe]

Pede: And the sentence is, death!

Twilight: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

[Just when he's about kill him, the talisman on Brian turns into Aragorn's sword Andúril, and he stops him just in time as Brian looks at it impress. As the knights put their swords around him]

Hornet: All hail, the last knight.

Mantis: All hail, the last knight.

The other Insect Bots: All hail, the last knight.

Brian: It's.... it's Aragorn's sword. [drops it]

Optimus: Thomas.

Thomas: Optimus. I have failed you. Including, Twilight, Brian, and everybody else. Including Earth. I have doomed it. This is the only planet in the universe where I call it.... "home".

Brian: This wasn't your fault, Thomas. Only you can make it right. We can't do this without you. It's only one moment, that's. It's up to you, Thomas. Because with or without you, we'll all die. It's now or never.

Thomas: Insect Bots! I will never betray you ever again. I am, OpThomas Prime! In order to save Earth, we must go to Cybertrain, and destroy Angel Death!