This is where Thomlight builds Kay in The New Trainbot in Town.

[Thomlight is in the laboratory working on something. He finishes and starts it up]

Kay: Where am I?

Thomlight: I created you and you can now help our team to save the day and take action.

Kay: Who are you?

Thomlight: I'm Thomlight Sparkle.

Kay: It's nice to meet you, Thomlight.

Thomlight: I think I'll call you Kay.

Kay: That's a great name.

Thomlight: I know.

Nyx: Hey, Thomlight. Oooh. I see you created a new robot.

Thomlight: Yeah, Nyx. His name is Kay.

Nyx: It's nice to meet you, Kay.

Kay: Nice to meet you too, Nyx.

Thomlight: Welcome to the team.

Kay: Thanks.

Nyx: We can introduce him to the autobots.

Thomlight: Yeah. We should.

[The autobots come in]

Thomlight: Hey, guys.

Ratchet: Hey, Thomlight.

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