Thomlight Sparkle
Thomlight Sparkle
is the teenage son of Thomas the tank engine and Twilight Sparkle. And the younger brother of Nyx. He is the same size and has the same wings and horn as his mother, but has the same fur color as his father. While his mane is a mixture of his father and his mother's.


Thomlight Sparkle is a young and hyper-active Alicorn pony. He is the son of Thomas and Twilight Sparkle. He loves to visit the CMC and his best friends are Button Mash and Snowdrop and spent time with his sister Nyx. His cutie mark resembles Thomas' number 1 and the stars around represent Twilight's. He is willing to do anything to protect his mother and father. Thomlight believes he can take care of himself (as the same way Apple Bloom is with Applejack) but Thomas doesn't want anything to happen him. Twilight believes in her special son and is astonished that he is interested in books and the magic of friendship like she is. Thomlight's biggest dream is to become a great adventurer like his mother and father one day and Princess Luna believes that one day, his dream will come to life.


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