This is how Thorax's powers return and Spider-Mare vs Doctor Squid Round 2 goes in My Little Pony: Spider-Mare 2.

[We then see Thorax meeting with Twilight]

[Doctor Squid sees Thorax]

Doctor Squid: Thorax. And Twilight Sparkle.

Thorax: What do you want?

[Doctor Squid looks at him]

Doctor Squid: I want you to find your friend, Spider-Mare. Tell him to meet me at the west side tower at 3:00.

Thorax: I don't know where he is.

Doctor Squid: Find him. [Grabs Twilight] Or I'll peal the flesh off her bone.

Thorax: If you lay one hoof on her.

Doctor Squid: You'll do what?

[He swats him away]

[Doctor Squid takes off and takes Twilight prisoner]

[Thorax gets back up]

[Thorax sees he is having a hard time seeing with his glasses]

[Thorax takes them off and sees he sees better without them]

[Thorax realizes he has his powers back and gets a determined look on his face]

[Thorax throws down his glasses, breaking them]

[Thorax then walks off to retrieve his suit from the Daily Bugle]

[Back at the Bugle, Chrysalis is talking to some of the staff]

[We see they are heading for Chrysalis' office]

Staff member: No word from the

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