Thriller Chiller is a very special and scary halloween film.


The Autobots, Mixels, ponies and Human Mane 7 get turned into zombies and can't turn back. When Thomas wakes up, he realizes that it was all a dream.


The episode begins at the movies, where Thomas bursts out of a drive in cinema. Thomas screams in agony. Optimus, Twilight and the rest of the gang follow him and ask him why he is so upset. Twilight Told Thomas that it was only a movie, to which Thomas replies angrily that he knows. Optimus suggests singing a song might cheer Thomas up, a song to do with halloween. Then Sideswipe (in his RID 2015 form) turns on his radio and the song Thriller Night plays. Then as Sideswipe sings, Thomas gets annoyed. and Then all of the sudden, the rest of the gang starts sing the song also. Then, as the others head on, Knock Out, who plays the role of Vincent Price, stays behind and points to the graveyard, where many villains from the past are rising from the dead. As the zombies close in on our heroes, Thomas tries to shoot them. But the Dazzlings have already begun vocalizing. They reach every single one of the Adventures team except Thomas. Thomas can only look in horror, as his friends are turned into zombies and Terrorcons. Thomas was feeling scared. Singing eventually ensues, lead by Sideswipe. Thomas, against his will, gets turned into a Terrorcon also. They sing the song Thriller Night, fully. At the end of the song, Thomas breaks the Dazzlings' pendants. Thomas claims that he is gonna be sore in the morning and turns to leave. Then, the zombies and Terrorcons walk towards him. Thomas puffs backwards in fear but soon finds himself being jumped on by Optimus. He brings out a vampric like Terrorcon tongue. Thomas screams as the tongue closes in on him, preparing to drink his Energon. He then wakes up, screaming in fear. Twilight then looks at Thomas saying your having a nightmare, to which Thomas asks where they are. Twilight tells him that they are at the movies, with Optimus, Sunset Shimmer and the rest of the gang. Thomas then asks if the movie is over. Then he is told that he only slept through the previews and the real movie starts. As Thomas sees the movie, he screams having the thought of the movie representing his dream. As the episode ends, Knock Out comes out of the black background, also similar to Vincent Price, laughing evilly and then growls.



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