This is how Thruster saves Scott Tracy and safe return home goes in Thunderbots Are Go.

[Thruster flies over an adilic landscape. He looks around but there is no sign of Scott]

Thruster: Come in, John. Any scans on Scott?

John Tracy: Not yet. But I think he might be somewhere in that rainforest. But I want you to be careful Thruster.

Thruster: Will do. Thunderbird 1 out. [zooms off]

Gordon Tracy: I hope Scotty's okay.

Alan Tracy: All we know is that his is going to be.

Thomas the Tank Engine: Ratchet, have you found Scott yet?

Ratchet: Yes. I found him floating along a river. But he is unconscious.

Virgil Tracy: WHAT?!

Gordon: No!

John: Scott!

Thomas: Everyone calm down.

Virgil: Sorry, Thomas.

Gordon: We just can't cope with loosing a brother.

Thomas: I know that, Gordon. But you have to calm down.

John: Scott won't survive one minute out there alone.

Percy: We could've gone after him.

John: Yes, Percy. But there are no second chances.

[Percy looks down and Thomas sighs]

Twilight Sparkle: I hope Thruster can get there in time.

Thomas: Me too.

Apple Bloom: Poor Scott. [starts to sob]

Scootaloo: It's okay, Apple. We'll find him.

Sweetie Belle: Yeah. Besides, nothing can stop Scott Tracy.

Ratchet: I know, Sweetie Belle. We just have to wait.

Optimus: Well, at least we know that Scott is safe.

Thomas: But we don't know where he is.

[Virgil suddenly hears Scott's groaning]

Virgil: [gasps] It's Scott!

Scott: [weakly] (On COMM) Virgil? Is that you?

Virgil: Yeah, It's me.

Thruster: I've found Scott. He's in a cave, unable to breathe.

Virgil: Uh-oh! Get him out of there, now!

Thruster: Okay!

[Meanwhile, in the cave, Thruster is holding Scott]

Thruster: Hang in there Scott!

Scott: [weakly] I'll try!

Thruster: You're losing energy fast!

Scott: [weakly] Don't worry.

[Scott blacks out shortly after]

Thruster: Hang in there!

[Back on Tracy Island, the others are worried]

Gordon: I feel worried.

Virgil: I hope Thruster can save Scott in time.

Thomas: I hope so.

John: Don't worry. He will.

Thomas: I know.

[Suddenly, there is a loud beeping noise]

John: Look!

Alan: What is it?

John: Multiple Predacon energy signals.

Alan: Now I get it.

Virgil: But that means Scott and Thruster are in danger!

Gordon: We've got to warn Thruster!

John: Okay!

[John contacts Thruster]

John: Thruster, can you hear me?

Thruster: Louder and clear, Johnny.

John: Good.

Thruster: What's happenin'? Predacon interference?

John: I'm afraid so.

Thruster: Darn it!

[Hundreds of Predacons close in on the cave]

Thruster: Uh-oh!

[One of them breathes fire]

John: Thruster, get out of there now!

Thruster: Okay!

[Thruster runs as fast as he can as the cave collaspes in on itself]

Thruster: John, we may have a situation here.

John: I can see that.

[Back on Tracy Island, Virgil steps up to Boulder (AKA Thunderbird 2)]

Virgil: Come on, Boulder. I may need your help.

Boulder: Why? Where are we going?

Virgil: To rescue Scott and Thruster.

[He turns to Alan and Gordon]

Alan: What are you looking at us for?

Gordon: We didn't do anything.

Virgil: You two are coming with me. Bring Aquat-X and Xellar-8.

Gordon: Okay.

Aquat-X: Oh, yeah. Ready to kick some Predacon butt, dudes.

Alan: Let's go, Xellar-8!

Xellar-8: You got it, astronaut.

Alan: Stop calling me that.

Xellar-8: Sorry.

Optimus: Thunderbots are go!

Alan: Let's do this!

[The Thunderbots take off]

Optimus: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Xeller-8: Thunderbot 3 is go!

Alan: Yeah!

[The Thunderbots disappear over the horizon]


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