This is how Thunder Streak's dream and The Tantabus escapes goes in My Little Pony Transformers Prime: Do Princes Dream of Magic Sheep.

[Thunder Streak stands in the old castle throne room]

Thunder Streak: I'm ready.

[A ball of nebula smoke rise in front of the sun and causes an eclipse. Thunder Streak is surrounded by dark magic and he becomes Thunderwing]

[Princess Luna, the Mane 6 and the Autobots show up]

Princess Luna: Thunderwing.

[The Mane Six summon their Rainbow Power and fire their beams at him but he is resistant]

Thunderwing: [laughing evilly]

[Suddenly, the Tantabus becomes aware of their existance]

Thunderwing: No. No!

[It opens a portal to reality and escapes]

Thunderwing: No!

[The Mane Six blast Thunderwing again and he turns back into Thunder Streak]

Thunder Streak: What?!

[In reality, he wakes up from his dream]

Thunder Streak: My dream ended happily? That can't happen.

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