Thunderblast is a Decpeticon Siren.


Thunderblast was at the café absorbing negative energy with Ryvine's friend, Rothbart and Bad Sofia.



  • The energy in this world isn't the same as on Cybertron, I can only gain so much power here.
  • [sarcastically] Really? I love it here.
  • Ergh! I'll tell you one thing: Being stuck here listening to you two argue all the time isn't making this world any more [through clenched teeth] bearable.
  • Did you feel that? Do you know what that is?
  • It's Cybertronian Energy!
  • It does now. And I'm going to use it to make everyone in this pathetic litle world adore me.
  • I am.
  • Oh, yes. I really sense that there's something.... MAGICAL about this place.
  • [gasp] A musical showcase?
  • I have been known to sing from time to time.
  • That's our cue.
  • [with her eyes turned into red hearts] Ryan's a dream.

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