This is how Thunderblast meets the Mutant Pumpkins goes in Thomas' Monsterific Halloween.

[One night an unidentified flying object (UFO) appears on Earth and drops a strange green goo into a large pumpkin field. After it jets back into space, the Decepticon Thunderblast comes to investigate]

Thunderblast: My, my, my. Who would leave all this goo here?

[Pumpkins all around sprout arms, legs, eyes and mouths]

Thunderblast: My own army of mutant Pumpkins!

[A farmer, Farmer Jeb, comes out to investigate]

Thunderblast: Uh-oh! Quick, my pumpkin army. Resume being normal and lifeless till I give you the signal.

[The pumpkins go back to normal and Farmer Jeb walks towards Thunderblast]

Thunderblast: Don't mind me. I'm just an Autobot.

Farmer Jeb: But why do you have a Decepticon logo?

Thunderblast: I'm just getting ready for Halloween. Yeah. That's it.

[But she signals the pumpkins and they resprout arms, legs, eyes and mouths]

Farmer Jeb: What the?

Thunderblast: [sinister chuckle] Pumpkins, tie him up.

[The Mutant Pumpkins sprout back to life and do so]

Ryvine Sparkle: Nice one, Thunderblast.

Thunderblast: Thanks.

Ryvine Sparkle: I haven't say my name. I'm Ryvine Sparkle.

Thunderblast: Nice to meet you.

Ryvine Sparkle: Why are the pumpkins alive? I can command the Plunder Vines like my sister does.

Thunderblast: I saw something drop goo on them.

Ryvine Sparkle: Me too. You ever heard of Princess Twivine Sparkle?

[Thunderblast shakes her head for "No"]

Ryvine Sparkle: Well, she's my sister. She has the power to control Plunder Vines.

[Twivine comes over]

Ryvine Sparkle: Speak of the Dalek. Here she is.

Twivine Sparkle: Nice to meet you.

Ryvine Sparkle: Hi, sis. This is Thunderblast. Thunderblast, Twivine. I'll do some testing of my plundervines.

[Ryvine does as the two females converse]

Ryvine Sparkle: Yeah. I can use them to drain magic.

[Ryvine commands the plunder vines to drain the magic from a pumpkin]

Ryvine Sparkle: What do you think? Pretty cool.

[Thunderblast nods]

Ryvine Sparkle: Yeah. You pumpkins wait until Nightmare Night.

[One of the pumpkins plants a sign that says "Thomas' Monsterific Halloween"]

Twivine Sparkle: Wow! That's a title?

[Ryvine nods]

Thunderblast: Well. I'll have you two helping me.

[They begin scheming as the screen fades to black. The song "This is Nightmare Night" starts playing]

Twilight Sparkle: Fillies and colts of every age~

Bob Cooper: Would you like to see something strange?~

Bumblebee: Come with us and you will see~

Bentley: This is one frightful Nightmare Night~

Matau T. Monkey: This is Nightmare Night~

Pinkie Pie: This is Nightmare Night~

Evil Ryan: Pumpkins scream in the dead of night~

Thomas: This is Nightmare Night~

Murray: Everypony make a scene~

Applejack: Trick or treat~

Bertram T. Monkey: Till the neighbors gonna die of fright~

Evil Anna: It's our town, everybody scream~

Jessica Fairbrother: Nightmare Night is on the scene~

Spike: You may find something hiding under you bed~

Scootaloo: Teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red~

Brian the Crocodile: There may be something under your stairs~

Fingers like snakes and spiders in it's hair~

Sweetie Belle: This is Nightmare Night~

Salim al-Kupar: This Nightmare Night~

Garfield: Nightmare Night~

Discord: Nightmare Night~

12th Doctor: Nightmare Night~

Sly Cooper: Nightmare Night~

Rioichi Cooper: In this town, we call home~

Everyone hail to the Nightmare song~

Tennessee Kid Cooper: In this town, don't we love it now~

Sci-Ryan and Tennessee Kid Cooper: Everypony's waiting for the next surprise~

Applebloom: Round that corner, colts hiding in the trash can~

Batman (The LEGO Movie): Something's waiting now to pounce and how you'll~

Sunset Shimmer: Scream!~

Sunshine (Salty's Lighthouse Version): This is Nightmare Night~

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Creepy slime~

Cody Fairbrother: Black and white~

Pinkie Pie: AREN'T YOU SCARED?!~

Buck the Wiesel and Buck the Wiesel (EG): Well that's just fine~

Trixie: Say it once~

Garfield: Say it twice~

Twilight Sparkle: Take the chance~

Darksteel: And roll the dice~

Skylynx: Ride with the moon in the dead of night~

Rarity: Everypony scream, everypony scream~

Timothy (Non-ghost engine version): Nightmare Night is on the scene~

Crash Bandicoot: Here is the clown with the tear-away face~

Thomas: Here in a flash and gone without a trace~

Ten Cents: A ghost is the "who" when you call "Who's there?"~

He is the wind blowing through your hair~

Rainbow Dash: Oogie Boogie is the shadow on the moon at night~

Airachnid (under the Cyberlings' spell): Filling your dreams to the brim with fright~

Sour Sweet: This is Nightmare Night~

Indigo Zap: This is Nightmare Night~

Emmet: Nightmare Night~

Wyldstyle: Nightmare Night~

Lemon Zest: Nightmare Night~

Sally Contralto: Nightmare Night~

The Cyberlings: Spooky creatures everywhere~

Sir Daniel Fortesque: Everyone's out to scream and scare~

Diesel 10: That's our job~

King Sombra: You got that right~

Dr. Robotnik: In this town on Nightmare Night~

Penelope (Sly Cooper): In this town, don't we love it now?~

Bentley and Penelope (Sly Cooper): Everypony's waiting for the next surprise~

Prince Can: Nightmare Moon might catch you in your room and..~

Princess Graciella: Scream like a banshee and make you jump~

The Dazzlings: Out of your skin~

Optimus Prime: This is Nightmare Night~

Everypony scream~

Ryan and the Rainbooms: Won't you please make way for royalty?~

Sci-Ryan, Ryan and the Dazzlings: Nightmare Moon is queen of the nightmares now~

Everypony hail to the nightmare queen now~

Smokescreen: This is Nightmare Night~

Matau and the Skylanders: This is Nightmare Night~

Fluttershy: Nightmare Night~

Sideswipe: Nightmare Night~

Murray: Nightmare Night~

Thomas: Nightmare Night~

The CMC: In this town, we call home~

Scorpan: Everypony hail to the Nightmare song~

Everyone: La la-la la, Nightmare Night! Nightmare Night! [Repeat]

Sci-Ryan and Odette: WEE!!!

Rainbow Dash: Awesome!

Sci-Ryan: That's a cool song.

[Crash nods]

Matau T. Monkey: I hope we can do the Friendship Games.

Ryan F-Freeman: Or might I suggest: Crash, Thomas, Ryan and the Swan Princess Christmas?

[Matau nods and hugs Ryan and Odette]

Thomas: Yeah.

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