Thunderflash is a pegasus pony that hails from Manehatten.


Thunderflash used to be a member of The Wonderbolts but an accident during a Wonderbolts Derby left him unable to fly due to a crippled wing. So he was honorable discharged, but things went downhill from there leaving him down on his luck. Eventually Thunderflash was left homeless, living out on the streets and taking up work wherever he could find it with little to no luck. When

Relationship with Spitfire

Thunderflash and Spitfire have been best friends scince they were fillies. As a Wonderbolt he was her wingpony.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fly: A standard pegasus ability.
  • Supersonic Fly: Thunderflash is an accomplished flier capable of remarkable speed and agility in the air.


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